My new roommate is a graffiti artist. He goes out at night and paints murals in the subway tunnels and under the expressways. He’s been arrested once, but knows not to call me to bail him out if he gets busted again. (During the day he’s an art student)

He’s actually has great “can control” and has corrected me on some misconceptions about graffiti that I had.

What do all of you think about graffiti? Ever done any?

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I dabbled, but this was in the early '80s when you HAD to have a can of paint to be a New York juvenile deliquent!

Now the walls and subways are clean and to be a juvenile deliquent, you have a gun.


Yer pal,

Graffiti can be cool.
Especially when some forethought goes into a project…
I like the murals where your first thought is…
“Boy he really risked his ass to get that up there!”
But taggers ought to be shot.
::sssss-ss-sssss-ssssss. Ssssss::
And leave the subway cars alone. Please.

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