Grammar and writing types: A question about prepositions. Answer needed soonest, please!

As long as the sentence is properly punctuated, there would be no problem with using a preposition at the beginning of a sentence.

I can’t stand it when people do such things and fail to punctuate properly. There are rules for that.

I don’t see how punctation matters at all when starting a sentence with a preposition. With an example I might see your point better. In most such cases there is no ambiguity or lack of clarity. Many aspects of punctuation are a matter of style rather than rules, such as the Oxford comma, often discussed here.

Which in my opinion is a logical abomination. The reason for separating items in a list with a comma is you do it instead of repeating and (or or, for that matter). So what you really say by adding a superfluous one is something like “item one and item two and item three and and item four”.

I have read or heard somewhere someone who claimed that ridiculous rules like the ones discussed here are the brainfarts of poorly educated schoolmasters with shallow grammatical knowledge and too much time on their hands.

It does!


In most cases, starting a sentence with a preposition has no effect on whether a sentence is in the active or passive voice. In my humble opinion, Elendil’s Heir is right, and kunilou is wrong.

(For those keeping score, all three sentences in this post start with a preposition, and all three are in the active voice.)

As if. :rolleyes: :wink: