Grammar Question -- Challenging!

I am looking for the transitive verb that is to potables that “Feed” is to comestibles.

For example:

If I don’t have the use of my arms, and am hungry…I would ask someone to “Feed me that banana.” However, if I am thristy and the same scenario applies, I can’t say “Feed me that water.” So, I am looking for the word that would complete this sentence: “_____ me that water.”


Well, the closest I could come was “slake”, defined by as follows:

slake (slk)
v. slaked, slak·ing, slakes.
v. tr.

       1.To satisfy (a craving); quench: slaked her thirst.
       2.To lessen the force or activity of; moderate: slaking his anger.
       3.To cool or refresh by wetting or moistening.
       4.To combine (lime) chemically with water or moist air.

Notice definition 3 comes close but implies EXTERNAL rather than INTERNAL liquid refreshment. And it doesn’t quite plug into the example sentence very well: i.e. “Slake me some water”.
Maybe we need to invent a word. Any nominees?

“Pour” is the closest thing I can think of immediately, though it doesn’t generally imply the act of pouring directly into another’s mouth.

How about “serve”? It’s a stretch, though.

Back when I worked in a hospital and we had to assist patients, the term we used was “serve,” although if we said “feed him his water” everyone knew what we meant.

I suppose another correct, though very odd-sounding, constuction would be “nurse” as in nursing an infant, but again, it normally has a different context.

How about hydrate? It’s a bit clinical and really only covers water, but otherwise it seems to fit.

Umm… How about “feed”.

Yeah! Make the water into ice cubes and you won’t have to worry! :wink:

Why not “Please water me”? Plants can be fed & watered, why not peoples?

I don’t think “feed” is so wrong, Mr. Smart Alec[k]. One of the definitions of “feed” in the online Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is:

If they used it in the context of human blood in Little Shop of Horrors–“Feed me, Seymour!”–it can’t be all bad…

(#623 on my “things I learned from the movies”…)

Enright3, Pipeliner’s not going to be very happy with you.

Provide, serve, and feed all seem equally good and equally not quite what you want. I suspect that there isn’t a word. What do you say when you make someone drink alcohol they don’t really want? You “fed them drinks” possibly? Why not go with that?

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I don’t think there is a direct correlation. The closest is probably “serve” or “give” or “get”. Or

“I am thirsty. Would you please provide me some liquid sustenance?”

If I might ask, is there a specific reason you need that specific phrasing?


How 'bout “squirt me some water”?

No. Nevermind.

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Fetch me some water, please.