Grammer: capitalizing a full-sentence quote within a sentence

For a news release, how should the following full-sentence quote be capitalized:

Mayor Dinkleberry openly admitted that, “Large voluptuous bottoms are very attractive on a baby penguin.”


Mayor Dinkleberry openly admitted that, “[l]arge voluptuous bottoms are very attractive on a baby penguin.”

or some other way?

I’d go with the first. since the quotation is a full sentence.

I would definitely eliminate the comma after that. And no caps.

edit: Actually, I would capitalize it.

Some other way:

And while the question isn’t, strictly speaking, grammar, the word is, strictly speaking, grammar.

If you are quoting a verbal statement that was a single sentence, I would capitalize “Large”. If you are quoting from written/printed material, it would depend on how it was originally written.

Either way, I would drop the “that” and just go with the comma.

This feels a little disjointed to me, since it makes little sense to admit ‘large voluptuous bottoms’. The next section clarifies what he is admitting (that they are very attractive on a baby penguin) but we don’t know this until we read it. It would make more sense to say “Large voluptuous bottoms are very attractive on a baby penguin,” Mayor Dinkleberry openly admitted.

But I agree with Irishman, the first example, no comma.

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If you are going to split speech to clarify who is speaking and how they are speaking (and revealing intentions behind speaking), then you need to be careful what you write, since it must clarify what has happened previously if you are writing in past tense.
For example:
“What’s the difference between a computer and a blonde?” Gary laughed, thoroughly pleased with his repertoire of corny gags. “The computer is smarter, but the blonde is easier to turn on!”

Whilst we know Gary finds himself hilarious, it feels slightly odd that we know this before the punchline so to speak.

As others have stated, the use of the word that indicates that you are paraphrasing and not quoting. Drop the comma after that, delete the quotation marks, and do not capitalize the “L” in “Large.” Or, if it is a direct quote, delete that, use the comma, and capitalize.

never mind

I’d drop the adverb, openly. Writing teachers have a big thing about adverbs. My last teacher wouldn’t tolerate any adverbs.