Gran Torino-related questions

Clint Eastwood. What happened to his voice? Did he have some sort of throat issue in life? His voice seemed to get more and more strained over the last 10 years or so of his career.

The opening scene of the movie where we see Walt’s wife’s funeral. His son’s kids come to the funeral dressed like slobs. The granddaughter with her cut off shirt and navel ring, and the one grandson in a football jersey.

Do people actually let their kids go to funerals dressed like that? I would never let my kid disrespect the moment like that, yet Walt’s two sons seem to think he’s wrapped too tightly for making a face at their appearance.

First, you do realise that Clint Eastwood is still alive, right?! You scared me a little bit with the past tense in your opening line, I actually had to go and check that I hadn’t missed some news.

As for your questions, I wouldn’t know about the funeral but I think the voice is just part of the character. I found an interview from when he was promoting the movie and he sounds much more normal there, though of course his voice changes as he gets older. He’s in absolutely amazing shape for someone who is very nearly 80 years old.

Clint’s voice has always been a bit on the gravelly side and he usually amps it up for his tough guy roles. I do recall a few years ago when he was being interviewed (I think) by Barbara Walters and he looked and sounded like he had one foot in the grave. Then, I saw him on George Lopez’s show the other night and he sounded much better, so there may have been some illness at some point but I don’t think that has anything to do with his voice in Gran Torino.

As for the funeral scene, I think it was a bit overdone so as to illustrate what a bunch of disrespectful gits his family were. I will say I have seen people here in Florida dressed way too casually for my taste at funerals and weddings.