Grand Central Terminal

The very first day I ever worked, I worked on a documentary being shot in Grand Central Terminal in NYC. One of the historians being shot commented ( off-camera ) that Grand Central actually is 8 stories deep BELOW GROUND LEVEL. He remarked that one level was access to a private railroad spur, that went from the terminal to the residence of a President of The United States, on the Upper West Side. ( I’ve rooted around some web sites, haven’t found a site for it yet, but I’ll keep looking).

ANYWAY- my question is this: That same man mentioned that the gold reserve in NYC is kept in vaults under Grand Central, NOT under the NYC Branch of the Federal Reserve. I’ve no clue how to verify. Is this true? How many levels ARE THERE under GCT? I love the place, had a short but filthy affair with a gal who worked there, have worked there since that early gig, and love the reenovation. But god, I really want to know the Straight Dope here- is there Gold under them thar Stairs???


There’s a tour of the Federal Reserve where they show you part of the gold. So at least some of it is provably kept there.

Where exactly did you go in GCT to engage in that “short but filthy” affair anyway?
And as far as I know, all the gold is kept under the Federal Reserve Bank branch in NY. I’ve never heard this assertion that there’s gold under the GCT. But I’m prepared to be proven wrong.

<Grin> Now… I can’t go talking about that. And, it was pre-marriage. I would be prepared to prove you wrong, but that’s WHY I made this thread- I can’t find proof one way or the other !!!


What? Gold under GCS?!?!

I’ve heard it all when it comes to NYC history, but I’ve never heard that. Who was your historian?

OK, this thing about GCT being eight stories deep is complete and utter nonsense. I’ve heard it before, and the rumor, if it wasn’t started, was certainly spread by a certain idiot who wrote a book called (I think) The Mole People, a supposedly true look into the lives of people who live in the subway and train tunnels. Mentioned in that book is this supposed “fact.” Everything in the book is a lie.

Here is a page which refutes most of the lies in this book. It says about a particular quotation regarding GCT:

Read the rest of this guy’s site; it’s excellent.

I know I sound a might bit pissed off about this particular myth, but that’s because I have a very strong interest in the history and infrastructure of NYC subways and trains.

Thanks for the link, I was just about to go look up that same site for clarification of the Presidential thing.
First, it wasn’t connected to the upper West Side, because that’s just ridiculous, it was an access from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel that FDR apparently used.

I wonder what sort of credentials are necessary to play a historian on TV these days.

Friedo, sorry to piss you off so much- I wasn’t saying I BELIEVED this person, I was just seeking…Illumination :smiley: All of this info is great. And, sorry about the bad info on the Train at the Waldorf Astoria… keep the Dope coming, I’m going to go and find my OLD copy of that documentary,and watch it again, and try to see what is said that made it on film. NOT that that makes it true, just that I will have a name to attach to the words.


Oh, I wasn’t pissed off at you, Cartooniverse, it just pisses me off that people spread this malarky without ever looking for themselves. :frowning: