Grand Master--card game

Sorry if this should go in MPSIMS, but I do have a question.

Does anyone remember this card game? I don’t really have a firm grasp of what it was really about but here’s what I know. It is a card game. (Duh!) It is based on martial arts. I think it consisted just of a deck of cards. You played the cards as martial arts moves, attacks and or blocks.

My actual question, outside of wondering if anyone but my husband has ever heard of it, is do any of you own it or know any place to buy it? My husband would love to find a set or at least get a copy of the rules and instructions. (He has the game but is not sure if he is missing cards and he doesn’t really remember how to play.)

I don’t know.

I just hate to see something this important go unanswered.

I actually think I still have a copy of it. I got it from a martial arts instructor at the local YMCA when I was about 10 years old…anyway, I will try and find it, and I’ll let you know how many cards are in the deck if that helps.

Thank you, Lance. You’re a sweetie!

That would be a help, Starbury. Thanks much.

Come on! Someone else out there has got to have at least heard of this game!