Grandson of Movie Chain-Link Game

Last link was The Poseidon Adventure, from here: I can’t do it, so someone else can try. :smiley:

Shelly Winters
What’s The Matter With Alice

Okay, Shelley Winters was the link that led to The Poseidon Adventure, so I’m going to throw that one out.

Anyone else?

The Poseidon Adventure

  • Gene Hackman*

Gene Hackman…

Enemy Of The State

(This one’s easy if you wanna be obvious… but I’m trusting that some other Dope will want to be a bit devious :D)


DopeR! DopeR! Don’t ban me, I’m not making insults in Cafe Society, I swear!!!

Hmph… maybe I shouldn’t type sideways anymore…


Enemy Of The State

Tom Sizemore

*odd enough, for you? *:wink:

Tom Sizemore:

“Bringing Out the Dead”

Bringing Out the Dead

good call. I believe we had Cage before, so I’ll go with:

Ving Rhames [sp?]

Going with the obvious:

Pulp Fiction

It seems that every time I add my two cents to this game I screw it up, but I’ll try one more time.

Pulp Fiction
Frank Whaley - I’m pretty sure this one isn’t a repeat

Frank Whaley:


Frank Whaley

Field of Dreams

He was also in a movie called Cafe Society. :smiley: How cool is that?

The Doors

  • Kevin Dillon
    was Frank Whakey in pulp fiction?

Field of Dreams

*Burt Lancaster *

GUH! Stupid simulpost! Okay, Kevin Dillon

True Crime

yeah he was kase. He’s the guy that Julius delivers his classic “DOES [MARSELLUS WALLACE] LOOK LIKE A BITCH?!” line to.

okay, we should be going from The Doors and Kevin Dillon, not Field of Dreams, just for clarification. So the latest link is True Crime.


True Crime

James Woods woohoooooo

Oh, yeah - I agree with you there. :slight_smile:

John Carpenter’s Vampires

John Carpenter’s Vampires…

Baldwin, Baldwin, the old lumpy one…

Daniel! Daniel Baldwin.