Graph paper with Works or OpenOffice

Anybody know how to print graph paper with Works or OpenOffice? I swear I used to do it all the time with Works.

I never thought to do it with Word. I just get mine from the internet.

go into calc and set the row height to the same dimensions as row width and print it out. You may have to turn on the cell borders.

The free site’s fine, thanks.

All right! Hexagon graph paper!

Reviving this old thread just to say thanks to Inner Stickler. My husband was needing just a couple sheets of graph paper and I remembered this thread. He was dubious about a “free” site on the internet and I assured him that if this site asked for your mother’s maiden name or your firstborn, some doper would have said so and no one did. So he used it and said it was perfect. So I thought I’d revive this to convey thanks and also put it back on the radar in case anyone else was needing graph paper.

Whatever you need, we got it on the Dope!

Here’s another, similar free website for printing graph paper–I use it all the time.

Both of those websites got me through my university degree. In fact, I think I used one of them for my first degree too!

You’re welcome! I may not be able to do much, but dammit, I know where to get free graph paper!