Graphic Artists respond to 9/11

I was recently home visiting my parents and in my dad’s office (he teaches art and graphic design) I saw a memorial poster that I thought was just stunning. I had dying to get my mitts on it. In the subsequent internet search for my own source, I ran across a site that has a whole bunch of images created by graphic artists to memorialize the events of that day.

If you’re an art nut, you might enjoy perusing it. The first page has a list of artist comments; clicking on the titles takes you to a page with their longer statments and a partial thumbnail of their work. You have to click on the thumbnail to see the whole work (the portions shown are too small to make heads nor tails of).

The poster I loved was by Brian Niemann (pretty far down on the page titled “Memorial Poster”) incidentally, but there are some other real interesting images on this site.

Wow, thanks for the link…and people, she’s not kidding about the thumbnails giving NO clue as far as the actual appearance of the art. Some are so-so, but there are some real gems. (I really liked the milk carton one.)