"Graphic picture of overdose victim."


Scroll down. Truly a pathetic sight.

Especially if you love cats.


My eyes are burning and my heart weighs heavy…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I hate cats.

It’s not often that a picture makes me laugh out loud, but that one did it.

Why is it cute when a kitten does it but when I’m lying on the bathroom floor after an overdose of beer waiting for the room to stop spinning, it’s not so cute? Whatever.

But are you pretty and fluffy? :smiley:

I hear this is how Janis Joplin died.
Face down in kibble.

You better get to liking them. Cats can sense many things. They can sense the presence of ETs.

get a cat and a harmonica.
The Buck

How does the harmonica come into play? Does it keep the ET’s away? Actually, I’ve never seen an ET and Junior Wells in the same place, so it’s probably true.

Hello, Hohner?

They can’t use their mental telethopy when a harmonica is played. It disrupts their brain wave patterns.

Kind of like how no one’s seen Clark Kent and Superman in the same place…

The only thing that could make this picture better is if you saw the kitter’s owner next to it passed out in a plate in similar fashion. Remember the scene in The Andromeda Strain of the town of Piedmont with the older lady suicide (hanging) and her cat?

Yeah, kinda like that.

… but I looove catfish!

Kibble - The Gateway Drug to catnip