Gratuitous Space Battles: Another STEAM money sink

GSB is yet another addictive Steam game that serves as an electronic money vacuum cleaner. It is deceptively simple: Design and deploy a fleet of spaceships, and pit them against your opponent.

What I love about this game is that EVERYTHING has a cost and a benefit. It reminds me a lot of Battletech, a tabletop robot fighting game a childhood friend of mine and I used to play. You constantly customize and refine your spaceships, trying to find the right balance of speed, durability, firepower, and cost. Its fun trying really wacky ‘out there’ designs just to see how they play out.

The game itself is very basic- design your ship, and give it some basic AI routines, then hit ‘play’ and watch the battle unfold. Unlike most RTS games, you don’t get to make play-by-play decisions in this game; much of your success depends on your ships’ design, deployment, and AI routine. Still a deceptively addictive game nonetheless! The platform also has a lot of potential; apparently the company that makes it also makes “Gratuitous Tank Battles” which I have yet to try, but the whole ‘Design a force, give basic orders, let the wreck @#%^ up’ is a pretty fun archetype for a lot of themes.

Why is it a money sink? i remember picking it up for about 2 bucks and playing the hell out of it for a couple weeks.

I got it over a year ago as part of one of the Humble Bundles. Yeah, I got my money’s worth out of it, but it got old after a couple of months.

As for “money sink”, maybe Incubus means the DLC? There are a bunch of extra races you can pay for.