Grave markings for non-Christian soldiers in WWII graveyards?

I was just watching Saving Private Ryan and there is the opening scene set in the graveyard with the rows and rows of simple white crosses marking the fallen soldiers’ graves. Of course, there were Jews in the army too back then - did the Jews get a special white Star of David grave marking, or were they just given the generic cross as well? I assume there have to have been at least a few American Muslims killed in World War II - if these men were buried in those war cemetaries with the white crosses, did they get a crescent marker? Did Orthodox Christians get the cross with the diagonal line going through it?

The photo is on this page on the Normandy American Cemetery.

I thought that marked Lisa Simpson’s grave. :smack:

By coincidence I was recently wondering about the grave markers of Muslim servicemen who died overseas in WWII. Here’s what I found

Commonwealth graveyards have simple nearly-rectangular headstones with the soldier’s symbol, if any, carved into the store.

It looks like at Normandy, there are four types of markers that I can find- the standard white cross, the blank white cross (unknown burial), the Star of David, and the white cross with gold lettering and a gold star (Medal of Honor recipient). You can see them here .