Gravity! [open spoilers]

That’s the trailer for Gravity, the new movie from director Alfonso Cuaron (the guy behind what was probably one of the best Sci-Fi films in recent history - Children of Men).

It. Look. AMAZING.

So I’m really psyched for this specifically because Children of Men was such an amazing movie. I’ve been waiting, and waiting for a really good Sci-Fi film to come out, and first I was witness to the travesty that was the Trek reboot, and then the horrible idiotic mess that was the Alien prequel.

It’s been a bad 5 years or so for Sci-Fi, IMHO. Hopefully this will break the drought.

Looks exactly like a scene from Destination Moon only with better special effects. That was from 1950.

Shouldn’t science fiction have grown past that?

What was that song in the beginning? I should really know…

Spiegel Im Spiegel

I don’t know why, but this trailer didn’t work for me at all. I was distracted by something (Poor acting? Visual effects? Don’t know) that kept me from connecting with it.

In any case it looks like a movie where 3D will really work in its favour.

I was fine during the trailer but I feel like this, on the big screen, in 3d would make be sick.

I like the premise. It’s not some Star Trek fantasy (although I love those too), it appears grounded in reality based on current science WRT the manning of satellites and the international space station. I will check it out. And was that George Clooney?

Technically, it’s just a teaser. The actual trailer will probably introduce a little more of the plot. I enjoyed Children of Men so I’m cautiously optimistic about this project.

Appears to be.

Something else to look forward to!

Holy crap, I didn’t realize that was Sandra Bullock.

I realize that this is just a teaser, but it’s sparse enough that I’m sort of turned off to it. What was causing all that damage? No clue is given, but that feels kind of essential to me. And what’s the movie going to spend its time on?

Also, it’s hard to tell with all the jump cuts, but they appear to be putting the ISS and the Hubble together in the same scene, which is a sure sign that they didn’t do their homework.

I thought the bit about 20 seconds in where a bolt was getting loose and they were grabbing it to make sure it didn’t get away was meant to be a hint. I imagine it would be followed by a lecture from Clooney about why leaving crap in low-earth orbit is a bad idea, and Bullock rolling her eyes about how anal-retentive the old man is. And then the rest of the film is “what bad things can happen because some asshole on a previous mission left some too-small-to-easily-detect-and-avoid debris in orbit”.

A bit of an interpolation, I admit.

Many of my missions in Kerbal Space Program end just like that.

Nothing, apparently.

I don’t really understand what the movie is going to be about - but it feels like it’s setting up to be “Open Water” in space. Which is fine - there’s plenty to fill the time with. If done right, it could be fantastic. But there’s a lot of open space there to fill, and it needs to be done well.

And that ain’t bad, Xap. You seem to be down on it, for some reason but I admit – having just seen the trailer – I was really caught up in it.

Remember, people said the same thing about 2001, fifty years ago. “What the hell did I just watch?” comes to mind.

2001 came out when we hadn’t been to the moon yet. That’s the huge difference. It was about the future, not the present.

A small cadre of space nuts remains despite the constant grinding down of the spirit of space exploration over the past 50 years. The rest of us have given up.

This might be brilliant. There’s nothing in that teaser but special effects, though. They didn’t hook me. I’m finding it surprising that anybody sees anything promising in them.

Children of Men is one of the best Sci-Fi films in recent history?!? Seriously? Drastically different personal opinions aside, I am not sure dystopian near futures even count as Sci-Fi, lol.

Children of Men has some of the best direction and action sequences of any movie I’ve ever seen, so certainly I’d be looking forward to anything else from that director. Although what made it so great was the long takes and the practical effects and just doing it the gritty old fashioned way really well. Not sure how well he can use those skills in a CGI fest.