Negating the effect of the moon, if the gravitational center of the earth were hollow, what effect would gravity have on you if you were there?

Cecil’s classic answers that question:

Roughly equal mass on all sides = roughly equal pull of gravity from all sides = weightless.

I’m glad Cecil answered the question and I’m sure he made it very clear in his inimitable fashion, but the question was answered by Isaac Newton a long time ago. You would be weightless.

“Vandelay!! Say Vandelay!!”

Weightless? … isn’t that underestimating the gravity of the situation?

This one is too deep for me.

Dex- you answered that with your usual Savoirf- Air :slight_smile:


" If you want to kiss the sky, you’d better learn how to kneel "

There is no such thing as gravity.
The world just SUCKS.