Grease 1/28

Anyone watch?

I thought the two they brought back were beyond horrible. Ghastly even.

Favorite Danny was Derek, followed by Max.

Favorite Sandy was Ashley, followed by Kate.

How about yours?

Hor-freakin’-rendous. Why did they bring them back? Seriously. Yikes.

I also liked Ashley – the guys were less impressive.

I enjoyed Max the slacker & also enjoyed the Walkin in Memphis guy. The dark hair office temp Sandy just seems so darned sweet. Some of the other Sandies scare me.

I’m glad to find others who are watching this.

Danny: I liked Max, Derek and Austin. I’ve never voted in one of these shows before, but I voted for Max.

Sandy–I liked Kate’s voice and Ashley’s “personality.”

The ones they broght back were terribe in comparison to those who had attended “Grease Academy.” Maybe they brought them back just so they could be voted off?

You’re right, but the girl is so freakin’ gorgeous that I don’t care. :slight_smile:

For Sandy, I like Allie and Ashley S. For Danny, I like Derek the most and then Chad. Austin’s a pro, but he just doesn’t look or act right for the part. I would never buy him as a tough guy/greaser.

BTW, is Olivia Newton-John gay? She mentioned her “partner” and how “she” used to sing a certain song. Wikipedia doesn’t mention anything (although the story of her husband’s disappearance is interesting). Anyways, just curious because of what she said tonight.

Andrew Lloyd Weber next week–pretty cool.

I am horrified…absolutely horrified by what they did to Ashley Anderson. They brought her back to make a complete fool of herself. Seriously.

I’ve been pretty much pissed off with this show from the beginning since it’s taking my beloved Broadway and turning it into American Idol, but I keep watching (I’m mainly pissed because the show is going to end up being some bastardized hybrid version of the musical and the movie)…OTOH, I think they do have 12 very talented performers now (we won’t mention Matt and Ashley Anderson), and hopefully, we’ll end up with the ones who deserve it.

I LIKE Ashley Spencer, but she strikes me as almost too perfect for Sandy, you know? My favorite out of the bunch of girls is definitely Kate. I think vocally, she’s the best out of the six girls.

And oddly enough, I really liked Kevin. I like Austin, but he’s not Danny. Something about Kevin was just so sweet and charming.

I’ve got to say, though, dancing-wise? Some of them are SERIOUSLY lacking. They need to step up the dance rehearsals a bit.