Great CBB Mens Coach: Wooden, Krzyzewski, Knight, Rupp, Smith

It’s mostly urban, for starters. It is an entirely separate city, for furthers.

If you don’t want irrelevant hijacks, don’t post irrelevant nonsense. As noted, almost everything in your original post was wrong.

And you seem to know nothing about suburbs. The two cities I’ve lived near the most in my life are Kansas City and Indianapolis. Both are surrounded by suburbs - ALL of those suburbs are incorporated municipalities. Maybe you’re confusing “suburbs” with “subdivisions”.

As noted, I didn’t really care - as it had little to do with the actual discussion with the OP.

Yeah, I know, Duke wasn’t all that bad back then (actually they were pretty good). It was in jest. I’m a UNC fan, hence the :wink: also.

I don’t know enough to say who specifically, but I’d lean toward Wooden. A couple wild cards are Tark the Shark and Jim Calhoun.

Tarkanian won, won big, and had fun teams to watch. I’d have loved to see what his LBSU teams were like in the 70s. And I’ll never be convinced that '90/91 UNLV wasn’t the greatest team in the modern era.

Calhoun has been almost as successful on the court as Coach K in the past 20 years, and has as many titles in the past 15, and arguably while playing in a tougher conference.

Not at all. I know very little about the incorporated municipalities surrounding those cities, but simple proximity does not define a suburb. It needs to sub urban for one thing. Suburb. Originally an agricultural area and transportation hub, Durham was founded in the mid 1800’s. It was primarily a manufacturing site for the tobacco and textile industries. Now it’s focus is on technology, education and medicine. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Research Triangle Park? It is the fifth largest city in NC. It is the main population center of the Durham MSA, separate from Raleigh. In no way shape or form is it a suburb of anything.

A simple Wiki or Google hunt for info will educate you tremendously about Durham.

None of that has anything to do with Durham not being a suburb. Overland Park is the 2nd largest city in Kansas, has a larger density than KCMO, has technology, education and medicine as well (perhaps you’ve heard of Sprint). It is a suburb of KCMO. I’d suggest wiki’ing “suburb” before you continue further. If you do, I promise not to make fun of your made up phrase “It needs to sub urban”.

Calhoun is a very interesting suggestion. He’s very similar to Coach K, and I heard on the radio that his UConn teams have traditionally done better in head-to-head matchups against Duke. That’s a small sample size, but it’s the same era and a good factor.

Many people don’t know that Vic Bubas had a better ACC record than K. Bubas was at Duke only from 60-69 so many people don’t know about him.

Bubas won 76% of his ACC games vs. 73% for Dean Smith. Right now K has won 70% of his ACC games. Bubas also went to 3 Final 4s.

You might be able to argue it, but I think the facts support otherwise:

Since 1979:

ACC: 10 Nat’l Championships and 29 Final Four Teams
Big East: 5 Nat’l Championships and 16 Final Four Teams

Why go back only 15 years? I guess because it leaves out Duke’s 2 NCAA titles in 91 and 92. Funny how people choose dates to suit their argument. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went with K. Wooden has all the titles, but he coached in a vastly different era (geographically constrained regions letting UCLA walk to the Final 4 each year; need to win fewer games to win the tourney; far less competition for recruits; ahem – Sam Gilbert). Furthermore, K has a longer record of success: he’s won titles over a 20-year stretch, and been to 11 Final Fours over 25 years, spanning vastly different eras. Plus, either in a couple of weeks or early next season he will have more victories than anyone else.

And as far as Munch’s ridiculous claims about Durham, unless you use an absurd definition of “suburb” that really just equates it to “nearby, smaller municipality,” Durham is in no way a suburb of Raleigh.

You don’t even have to go back so far. Over the last decade, the ACC has won fully half of the national championships, with more Final Four appearances (9) than any other conference.

Any particular reason that Pat Summit was not on the list?

The part of the subject line that reads “CBB Mens coach.”

I went back to 1979 because that coincides with the Big East Conference formation.

And it included the year when the Big East had 3 final four teams. I didn’t want to be accused of “Cherry Picking” any data.

I have standing prop bet available with anyone in my country club. ACC against any conference of their choice to go further in the NCAA, with one stipulation: We must have the same bet for double the amount the next year. No one has ever taken me up on the wager.

I’ve lived in Central NC most of my life. I do not know anyone personally who refers to Durham as a “suburb” of Raleigh. It’s not referred to as such in the local media, either. It’s just a semi-big city that happens to be close to another semi-big city. Winston-Salem and Greensboro have a similar relationship.

Raleigh workers don’t really need a suburb as far out as Durham, since Raleigh has a fairly dense web of bedroom communities within the same county: Cary, Apex, Knightdale, and Garner to name a few. These towns are more typical “suburbs” that would not have the current population levels that they do were it not for commuters. What’s interesting is that these towns had their big development booms as recently as the 1990s, when there was an influx of jobs in the Research Triangle Park in the tech and pharma industries. People from Durham do commute to the RTP for work, but the RTP is in an unincorporated area (which is mostly within Durham County itself). I would sat that more Durhamites commute to the RTP than they do to Raleigh.

Anyway, sorry for the continued hijack, just thought I’d pitch in my $.02 on the matter. Defining the nature of Durham has never been this popular, has it? :slight_smile:

I was born in Chapel Hill, raised in Durham, and went to college in Raleigh, so I am prepared to endorse absolutely everything Sakuma Drops said here regarding what cities are/are not suburbs of Raleigh :slight_smile:

Also, both NC State and Duke (East Campus, anyway) are actually fairly close to their cities’ respective downtowns.

I voted for Wooden, even through Duke is the college team (besides Mizzou) I follow the most. Wooden did have an easier time with recruiting compared to later coaches, because of scholarship restrictions. Schools could no longer stockpile players.

“Sports do not build character… they reveal it”
-John Wooden