RIP Dean Smith

[One of the greatest basketball coaches the world will ever know has passed away.

This man was truly, as Mr. Williams said, a class act and the real deal. An outstanding coach and by all accounts a truly decent human being, I have spent many hours entertained and fascinated by the talents he nurtured, instructed and sent out into the world at large.

RIP Coach Smith; you done good.

Great coach and even better Human Being. But as Ga Tech alumnus from the mid 80’s, I hated him on the other bench.

RIP Coach Smith.

As I mentioned in the Death Pool thread, he also played on the 1952 Kansas Jayhawk team that won the national championship, and was later an assistant under KU coaching legend Phog Allen.

Dean played a big part in getting some unknown assistant coach named Roy Williams the head coaching job at Kansas after Larry Brown high-tailed it out of town after the 1988 national championship. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In addition to his greatness on the court…

If there’s a “New South” in which racism is increasingly a thing of the past, Dean Smith gets some small credit for making that happen.

And in honor of the “master of the four corner offense,” shot clocks will be turned off for one minute. At least, they should be…

Only 2 National Championships. That surprises me. 11 Final Four appearances is amazing. He truly was one of the all time great coaches, in any sport.