Great comedy sequels?

What comedies have really good sequels?

My vote goes for a couple of movies people tend not to like. Pirates 2 and 3.

Yep, I consider them excellent quality sequels and I consider the series pretty much to be comedies.

What comedies have really great sequels?

Toy Story is an obvious answer. Not one but two great sequels.

The Naked Gun sequels were pretty well-regarded, IIRC. Shrek also, at least the first one.

Back to the Future.

Whenever Beverly Hills Cop II comes on TV, I will almost certainly tune in for a spell. Not better than the original, but pretty likable.

The MIB series is pretty good. The sequels don’t quite match the charm and humor of the first, but they come closer than most sequels.

The Pink Panther sequels. Uniformly awesome for a long time. Until they weren’t, but it took a long time for them to suck.

The Road To… movies with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour were well regarded.

Does this have to be movies?

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? is considered a classic British sitcom. It first went out in the 1970s, and is still being re-run, periodically, on the BBC. It was a sequel (with the same writers ad principal actors) to a 1960s series called just The Likely Lads which would now be mostly forgotten if not for the continuing popularity of its sequel. (To be fair, much of the reason for this may be that recordings of most of the original series were not preserved, being from an era when video recording media were expensive and often re-used. Also, the original series was in black and white.)

And now for Something Completely Different. (A bit ho-hum if you had already seen all the sketches in the TV show.)

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. (Brilliant.)

Monty Python’s Life of Brian. (Brillianter - definitely a “great sequel”.)

Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. (Not quite up to the previous two, but still good.)

You can’t really call the Monty Python films sequels to one another. That’s really the same thing as suggesting that History of the World: Part 1 and Spaceballs are sequels to The Producers and Blazing Saddles.

Hot Shots: Part Deux is pretty good (well, it’s good if you liked the first movie- which I did).

The second Bill and Ted movie is good- depending on my mood, I sometimes like it better than the first one.

I think the second Austin Powers movie is the best of the series.

The sequel to Wayne’s World is less than the sum of its parts, but what parts!

(You’ve got the set-up and payoff with the chickens and the plate glass and the ripe watermelons; you’ve got Charlton Heston popping in to nail a few key lines; you’ve got James Hong showing up for the badly-dubbed kung-fu battle, you’ve got Christopher Walken followed by a contrived “Village People” gag, you’ve got the low-key but cheerfully demented roadie stealing every scene he’s in; whenever it’s on, I watch until that bit comes up, at which point there’s always another that bit on the way…)

One movie that I think doesn’t get the credit it deserves is Airplane II, which managed to not only be funny, but to do it in the same anarchic style as the first Airplane movie, despite not having the Zuckers and Abrams being involved. Having most of the original cast helped, but it still would have been easy to completely screw it up – look how the “humorous” commercials and TV segues in Robocop II fell flat on their collective faces without Ed Neuemeyer to write them. I didn’t even realize at first that Airplane II had a different crew.

which brings up the question – why was that? Why wouldn’t they get the same creative company back for the sequel?

Gremlins 2 is much, much funnier than the first film (which might not actually be a comedy).

Disagree with MIB II being any good at all. It was awful. But MiB III was fantastic just to see Brolin doing a spot-on impression of a young Tommy Lee Jones. And the movie wasn’t all that bad either, but doesn’t stand up at all like the first one does as being hilariously funny and creative.

Hard to really consider Toy Story as a comedy. It’s more of an epic/adventure to me. Shrek counts. Didn’t care much for the 2nd and never saw the 3rd or 4th or however many there are now. Speaking animated movie sequels, Dispicable Me 2 and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 were both decent. I wouldn’t rave about either of them but I didn’t feel cheated or that I wasted my time.

I would say that the Naked Gun movies are all about the same, love them or hate them. (I loved them personally, as a kid. Not sure how they would hold up now that I’m older.)

I’d really like to see Airplane II someday, as I hear plenty of good things about it here on The Dope.

Meet the Fockers was moderately funny, but as a huge fan of Meet the Parents it was a big letdown. (TBH I wasn’t expecting much and was given it as a gift on DVD from someone because they knew I liked the first movie so much.)

How about all the Pink Panther movies? Weren’t there tons of those and were any of them good?

Police Academy had a bajillion sequels, right? Obviously enough people liked 2 and 3 enough that they made 4, 5, 6, etc… I didn’t like the first one at all honestly so never saw any of the others.

Christmas Vacation is great

I hear nice things about scary movie tw-shot

“Why do you think I took you to see all those ‘Police Academy’ movies? For fun? I didn’t hear anyone laughing, did you?”

Addams Family Values was better than Addams Family.

“But she was buried with that ring.”

“We know.”

i would not call the POTC movies comedies, more like epic action/adventure films. there’s plenty of comedy within, but that doesn’t make it a comedy. i do like the sequels, though.

Shrek 2 is great. equally as good as the first, maybe even a little better. never saw the third, heard it sucked. the fourth was ok.

i like Home Alone 2 even though it’s the exact same movie as the first, more or less.

American Pie. the second is, again, essentially the same movie as the first, but it’s enjoyable enough. the third suuuuucked. American Reunion was fun because the first film came out when i was in high school, so i’m about the age that these characters are and there’s a couple of levels of nostalgia at play.