Great Directors Not Appreciate In Their Time?

Orson Welles? It took about 20 years before many considered “Citizen Kane” one of the greats.

Really? :dubious: Here’s a 1941 review of Citizen Kane that disagrees with you.

Here’s another.

And a third.

And a fourth.

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Howard Hawks wasn’t appreciated until toward the tail end of his career. Mostly because he directed classics in many genres: comedy, westerns, adventures, detective films, and even horror. He gained recognition in the 60s, but it’s fading nowadays.

Edgar G. Ulmer was considered a hack director of B movies during his career, but now he’s recognized as a first-class stylist, and his Detour is often cited as a definitive film noir.

Ida Lupino?

Just sayin’.


Hershell Gordon Lewis - The Godfather of Gore

No love for Alan Smithee?


Hmmmm. She only directed one movie. And it was decent at best.

You might want to look into that further. Not to mention all her TV work as director. Hmmmm?

ETA your OP did not say only Movie directors. Just saying.