Great fun site: Ikea Hackers

This site, is my new addiction. It is full of pictures of DIY projects where ordinary people took (parts of) Ikea furniture and made it into something unexpected for their homes. After browsing the site it becomes even more fun to roam around in an Ikea store, looking at all their stuff with an hackers eye.

Here’s the top ten of Ikea hacks from 2009 and 2008. I put it in the Barn House forum because a lot of the projects verge on home renovation. Enjoy !

Ow, come on! No Ikea love out there on the Dope?

Very cool,

I’ve perused the site and like some of the ideas. But personally I just don’t want to buy something pre-made and then cut it up. If I’m going to attempt to make something I’d rather try to make it from scratch and just ruin some plain wood.

Here is a site that I like for that.

thank you for this! I am loving it.



I’m all for hacking Ikea stuff. Over Christmas, I put some Grundtal shelves in the kitchen that I plan to hang hooks from and make into a pot rack, and the bags of spices (bought in bulk) are already hanging on shower hooks and binder clips. I’m also (still) disappointed that they discontinued the Fira boxes.