Great Goddess I Love the Ignore List

Of course, I have it on my Board too, but can’t use it (it’s kinda bad when the Admins Ignore the Members posts…)

But here…using it has already resulted in 22% less desk fist slammings, 13% less brain seizures, 41% less names written in lipstick on my “death wish list”, and 59% less angry posts in response to some assboink who displays the intelligence and maturity of a macaque. Plus, threads in GD really start to shrink when you use it against some people…how I love this feature.

And although I thought I would be too curious to use it, I’ve discovered that I’m not curious at all as to what I’m missing. I simply don’t give a proverbial Frog’s Fat Arse.

Anthracite, a question if you don’t mind.

When you put a poster on your ignore list, do they know ?

Does anyone know (apart from mods/admins) ?

Thanks ahead of time if you answer. (I don’t want to get my butt chewed out for posting a thank you post, and bringing the thread to the top again :slight_smile: )

Anthracite, doesn’t using the ignore list make it hard to make comprehensive posts, especially in GD, if you haven’t read everything that’s been said in the thread? Or do you just operate under the assumption that no one on your list ever says anything worth reading?

If you don’t acknowledge this post I’m gonna be really hurt…

I love it too. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

Love it.

I don’t expect I’ll ever use it on too many people, but man, it sure is useful for, well, certain things. (I’m trying to be diplomatic.)

Goo - as far as I know, they don’t know anything, and can’t find out. Other than by posting repeated posts of “Hey you! Fight with me here, I want to flame you! Why don’t you answer?”

White Lightning - good point, but the people I’m blocking really don’t deserve any response, good or bad, under any circumstances. And I mainly post to GQ, where these people rarely ever venture (they’re more the lying, sniveling, hateful, argumentative, immature little kids than anything else).

I mean really. Everyone knows these people; and seeing their posts/sigs is like looking at a steaming pile of dog crap on a nice Portmeirion serving plate. So now I get a fresh order of SDMB; hold the dog crap.

While I wanted to bring attention to the Ignore function, and praise it, I also think it is the absolute height of poor taste and boorishness to brag about who is on a list, or to imply that certain specific people are on it. I hope that we don’t get a case of people dragging others to the Pit over being ignored. I think if more people do use the Ignore function, there may be less Pit nastiness overall.

It also brings into mind a certain aspect of Board dynamics - if a group of people - a clique, or whatever - had a shared “Ignored” list, then essentially what they’ve done is started to create a “Sub-SDMB” upon the SDMB - effectively banning all posters except themseleves. While I cannot see this ever happening, I really don’t know if it would be a good thing, a bad thing, or if it wouldn’t matter in the long run. It reminds me a bit of the Walled City in Idoru.

What she said. I’m finally decided to Ignore one poster, 'cause I’m sure that doing so will enhance my reading pleasure in the forum where s/he usually spews.

As an aside, on the Usenet, when someone pisses you off enough to Killfile (aka “Ignore”) them, the convention is that you reply to the offending post with:


(which, I believe is an onomatopiac representation of the sound that dropping something in the trashcan makes.). There are mixed feelings on this practice: one contingent feels that >>plonking<< someone (as opposed to just quietly killfiling them) is inflammatory and rude. The other side (I’m closer to this camp) says 1) It lets the plonkee know, so that s/he won’t bother to try to get your attention any more and 2) It’s a form of public shunning. (There’s a third side, who I regard as insane, who says "Even using a killfile privately (let alone publically >>Plonking<< people) is wrong: you’re being rude and have an obligation to read whatever the current Usenet kook-du-jour is spewing. :rolleyes: )

I don’t know if >>plonking<< would be a good convention on the SDMB. Certainly if a poster’s overall “persona” annoys you, I wouldn’t recommend it, but if you decide to Ignore someone because of an over-the-top post or thread? Maybe.

Food for thought, anyway.


Hmmm (munches on Fenris’s Food for Thought)

My guess is that plonking would really be a rude sort of goading of the plonkee, and they would 99% of the time just keep flaming you, take you to the Pit, start whispering campaigns about you in chat, etc. Things would only escalate, IMO, and it really might not be a nice thing to do.

I would guess that plonking would be a Very Bad Thing, and might get the Ignore function removed.


Anthracite, you there? Fenris, you?

Ignore list.

Great. Like I wasn’t invisible enough as it was. :wink:

I don’t like it. Of course, I’m naturally a very paranoid person.

I’ve learned to like the ignore feature on other boards. As Anthracite pointed out, it does enhance the experience when I don’t have to read the posts from people who, in my opinion, rarely have anything good to say.

And, heck. If someone wants to put me on ignore, that’s fine with me. It’s not like I lose sleep over that.


Anth: did you hear something?



But if you’re already invisible, would anyone notice you long enough to put you on their ignore list?

Ok, let me see if I understand this feature correctly…

When you put someone on your Ignore list, you don’t see their posts at all, like they don’t exist? And there is no notification when you put someone on the list or are put on a list yourself? Do I have it right?

Sounds like a good way to deal with Trolls, but it might make for some confusing threads where people are talking to people who never respond because they don’t see the posts addressing them.

Is this the message board version of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “La, la, la, la, la. I can’t hear you”? :wink:

If an ignored person starts a thread, what happens? Do you see the thread at all?

When a person is on your ignore list, you see their post truncated to say “This person is on your Ignore list. To read their post, click here.”, and their is a link you can click on to read their post anyway.

If an Ignored person starts a thread, you do indeed see the thread, just not the OP - unless you click on the link inside their Ignored post. The thread title is unaffected.

So let’s give it a year and see if the darn thing works.

See, it’s stuff like this that keeps me awake at night.
[sub]Nope, I didn’t have anything useful to add. Just ignore me.[/sub]

Thanks, Anthracite, I was wondering how a post from someone on Ignore would look, but didn’t really want to put someone on my list just to see it. You cleared it right up for me. :slight_smile:


Oh, and Zyada, that may be the nicest thing anybody’s said to me all day.

I think.