Great group photos of interesting people

I am looking for famous group photos of interesting people that you wouldn’t normally see all together. Obviously some historic context is good, too.

For example:
A Great Day in Harlem (57 jazz greats)
The 5th Solvay Conference (17 Noble Prize Winners).

I’ll even include The School of Athens… though people has to stand really still for that photo.

Any other interesting additions?

There’s this photo of the very first few employees of Microsoft, back in 1978.

Johnny Depp, Hunter Thompson and Vincent Gallo.

50 greatest NBA players.

search the online photo archives of Library of Congress and Smithsonian. You will probably find 1000’s of wonderful examples.

How about Nixon and Elvis?

Halston, Lisa Minelli, Andy Wahol, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley Jr. at Studio 54. Got to be some more photos from there!

Abraham Lincoln, supposedly John Wilkes Booth, and numerous cabinet members and dignitaries at his second inaugural (Booth circled)

The Beatles, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Mia Farrow and others

Not a group, but eerie:John Lennon and Mark David Chapman

Pic ofThomas Edison, Henry Ford, President Harding, and Harvey Firestone on a camping trip

Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, and Mark Twain

Bill Clinton and JFK

Not famous, but interesting to me: The Big 10, ten daughters of Brigham Young born in a 2.5 year period (late 1840s/early 1850s) who were basically a decameral celebrity in their day.

Chang and Eng Bunker with their wives and children and a slave
Butch, Sundance, and gang

Huge assemblage of Academy Award winners from the early 1930s through the late 1990s

Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson, and Hitler

Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams, and JFK

Well known but still interesting: USA For Africa. I like to try and name everyone. I see you, La Toya Jackson!