Great Heist Movies


I quite enjoy a good heist movie, however I find that they are rarely made. By heist movies I mean things such as The Thomas Crown Affar , a very good heist movie. Please suggest some great heist movies for me to enjoy, thanks.

Kelly’s Heroes


Snatch isn’t a pure heist movie, but it has a complex plot full of overarching stories about jewel thieves, con men, crooked boxing promoters, and more, plus it’s quite funny. From the same director, Guy Ritchie, I also really enjoy Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, another kind-of heist movie.

National Treasure= good “ignore the man behind the green curtain” fun, especially the theft of the Declaration.

Cat Ballou- well, it’s really more a train robbery- okay, there’s a train robbery in it, but it’s good.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

The Anderson Tapes

Charlie Varrick (more a getaway than a heist, but still)

The Hot Rock (maybe not great, exactly, but certainly entertaining)

I’d also suggest “The Italian Job.”

Both versions. (1969 and 2003)

In addition to Topkapi, there’s the same director’s Rififi, which some consider better.

Depending on how you consider it, there’s also The Great Train Robbery (the 1979 version). “Find me a dead cat.”

You might want to check out **No Blood, No Tears ** and The Big Swindle. Two Korean films that I enjoyed very much.

I’ve written a review of **NBNT ** if you can’t find much on it and want to know more. The IMDb is little help.

As is my current crusade allow me to direct you to a tv show you might enjoy. It’s called Hustle. It’s a BBC show which follows a group of conmen as they do long cons on various unsavory folk. While the show was originally on BBC, it’s latest rendition was partially produced by the AMC channel and so they are rebroadcasting the first 2 series every Saturday night at 10pm. The show runs 75 minutes on AMC due to the BBC show being 60 minutes, and AMC including 15 minutes of commercials.

Check it out:

You won’t regret it. Honest.

I watched Hustle (based on your earlier thread recommending it) and, yeah, that show is pretty “keen” as they’d say. It isn’t really heist genre though.

On second thought, it’s probably close enough to heist to count. It has all of the important parts: the plan, the execution, the twist, and the surprise.

The remake of Ocean’s Eleven.

Kubrick’s The Killing (1956). One of the first heist movies, probably.

Michael Mann’s Thief (1981).

Heat, sorta.


The Sting, sorta.

Yes! I’m glad you liked it :slight_smile: And as you said in your follow up, it’s up there. Some episodes are more heist-ish than others, but I won’t ruin the upcoming episodes. This week’s episode is a pretty awesome one too.

Sorta? It’s Mann’s masterpiece, his magnum opus illegitimus. (Thief is great, too.)
[li]The Wild Bunch[/li][li]Die Hard, of course. (Kind of a foiled heist, but someone mentioned its predecessor, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, so it’s game.)[/li][li]The Spanish Prisoner[/li][li]Ronin[/li][li]Le Cercle Rouge[/li][li]Bob Le Flambour[/li][/ul]
Is Double Indemnity too far out of line?


Yes. (But I prefer the original.)

A couple of classic British movies:

The Lavender Hill Mob
The League Of Gentlemen

Heh. It’s amazing how many of these I’ve already seen or are already in my Netflix queue. I’ll second/third/whatever the recommendations for both Italian Jobs and Ronin. The Sting is worth seeing, too, if you haven’t already. I’ll even throw out another recommendation for Hustle.

But I can’t agree with National Treasure. That was just a dumb, dumb movie.

The Score
The Great St Louis Bank Robbery
Gone In 60 Seconds
Matchstick Men
High Risk
Bad Santa
The Squeeze
The Asphalt Jungle
Quick Change
The Getaway

Raising Arizona has several.

“I’ll be taking these Huggies and whatever cash you got.”