Great jam and preserves (especially cherry)

My particular goal is to find the perfect cherry preserves to put in greek yogurt. I like more tart than sweet. Suggestions?

Generally, though, what are the best jams and preserves you’ve had? (They don’t have to be cherry.)

With no access to an international market…Bonne Maman all the way. Cherry is my favorite, but there are many good berry jams. Try Four Fruits, too. I do mix them in yogurt.

However, I just ordered some delish Greek cherry preserves from Amazon…

Ha! I was just looking at that one. Seeing the selection on Amazon inspired my post. :smiley:

Well, the Greek preserve is quite good and perfect for yogurt IMO. A little different than your usual jam though. It’s whole cherries in a heavy fruit syrup. Somewhat like pie filling, but the fruit is crisper.

Be careful if you buy another import, though. A couple of times I’ve gotten similar products from Poland or Croatia or something, but all the cherries had pits left in them. Not my cuppa.>+Retail+>+Premium+Fruit+Spreads

Thank you all for playing, but the correct answer is D’Arbo Marasque Sour Cherry Preserves.

I don’t know cherry preserves, but my favorite preserve is something my mom makes that she calls “garden marmalade”. It’s tomato, garlic, and basil, and it tastes terrible if you eat it straight… but somehow becomes absolutely wonderful on top of bread and butter.

If you want something similar – tart and sweet at the same time – see if you can find beach plum jelly. It’s extremely hard to find outside of New England, and getting difficult to find even there as the habitat of the beach plum is being destroyed.

If you like a dry, tart flavor chokecherry and lingonberry are also very good.

We always stop in at The Cherry Republic when we’re on summer vacation up North. We also send several people gift baskets from there at Christmas time.

Here’s a direct link to their Jams, Jellies and Toppings page.

Awesome links, everyone.

Oh, I am so interested in Hot Cherry Pepper Jelly. But also scared.

That was going to be my suggestion - the sour cherry jam my mom makes is the best jam I’ve ever had.

I like St. Dalfour. No sugar or fake sugar added. 100% fruit. They have several types, even cherry.

My two favorite jam companies are Blue Chair Fruit and Inna Jam. Both are expensive, but their jams have really intense fruit flavor. Blue Chair has some pretty interesting flavor combinations. Unfortunately, neither company makes a cherry jam.

Blue Chair makes a very tart greengage plum jam, but it isn’t available right now. They make small batches using seasonally available fruit, so their catalog tends to change with the calendar. I would imagine their rhubarb-apple jam is tart, if that’s what you’re looking for. The only Blue Chair jam I don’t like is bergamot, which is so perfumy it’s like scented soap.

My favorite Inna jam is strawberry. It really, really tastes like strawberries. They use first-quality fruit and don’t load it down with a bunch of sugar.

Making one’s own jam in the microwave is surprisingly easy.

Things with “no sugar added” usually have more sugar than the normal versions. They basically take some low-flavor juice like pear or white grape, concentrate it until it’s almost nothing but sugar, and then add tons of that. See also “100% juice” drinks.

I make my own cherry jam every year for the express purpose of pouring it over Greek yogurt. I make it runny, so it’s not really ‘jam’. NO commercial product I’ve found comes close but the Safeway store brand (seriously) is the closest I’ve found to homemade flavor. Sour cherry jam seems to be seasonal, as in it can’t be found during the winter, so stock up.

I’ve made spicy hot cherry jam before. It turned out pretty well I thought but sour and hot don’t mix that well. Maybe someone else has perfected it but I prefer to keep my hot and my sour spearate.

I would prefer to suggest a strawberry preserve to you out there:) Why? because aside from its richness and goodness, the fruit itself has been a good source of vitamin c and folate. However, I also want to try the cherry preserve.

The cherry amaretto jam we make every year. The recipe’s in one of our canning books, but I don’t recall offhand which one. Wait for that two weeks at the end of July/beginning of August when cherries drop to $2/lb, then split 'em, pit 'em, and cook 'em up with sugar and baking spices and a sploosh of Amaretto. And then hoard the jars all winter because you’re scared of running out before cherry season comes back.