Great Lakes rock hounds and artifact hunters

I found a rock, it fits well in my hand, it is smooth and triangular with some ridges worn into it. It looks somewhat like an ax head. In fact my local museum has indian artifacts in it that look a lot like my rock. Maybe I am collecitng artifacts not even knowing wht they really are?

This summer I found lots of rocks in the lake that appealed to me. I look for rocks and pebbles that are embedded with quartz, or seem polished they may be reddish, greenish blue or striped, and those that are angular or ridged and worn smooth in places catch my eye. If they feel “right” in my hand and my fingers fall into place on along the edges or depression I keep it. SOmetimes I’ll find a round rock seems non descript but there in the middle is a perfectly sized round depression. Was it a tool?

I am assuming mother nature tumbles and erodes her rocks any way she chooses and I am not actually finding a hoard of artifacts. But looking at images on google I am getting very excited that I may be finding real artifacts. This right in my watery backyard, where for years we have picked up broken glass, and shards of metal out of the sandy lakebottom. Once found an intact beer bottle from an old brewery. No secret white people used to dump their trash in the lake long ago. Maybe the indians used to do it too…

ANy one have a good online reference or book recommendation where I might be able to check these rocks out for more clues?

Can you post a picture of it? I’m a fan of rock hunting in the great lakes myself. I found lots of fossils in Huron when I was little. Whenever I go to Lake Michigan I look for petoskeys and Leland blues.

Post photos, it will make things a bit easier to identify. However, Mother Nature often produces what are sometimes, affectionately referred to as geo-facts. That is, rocks that at first glance appear to have been altered in someway by human hands when in fact they did not. If you like, google Paleo Planet and post up photos there for evaluational. There are many experts to be found at that site.

You could also call your local museum and ask if there was someone on staff or in the area who could look at your collection, or this particular specimen, and see if it is anything more than just a rock.

Also, some museums may occasionally have a “Identify your stuff” day, sort of like the Antiques Road Show on PBS. People can bring in whatever they have and have it assessed by a group of people who are experts in a variety of fields. If you’re in the Lansing area, contact the MSU Museum. I believe they’ve done this in the past.

Whew! I took a lot of pictures. Now I am seeing faces in the rocks:eek::stuck_out_tongue:

Now I am obsessed, will take it to the experts locally, paleao planet, cool site, bookmarked!


Ok so random rocks on dock

Spent a few hours over the last several weeks looking for garnets, or red/quartz. The lakeshore is this area of pebbley strata. Ususlly sandy and firm, we get onshore waves and erosion can be a problem. The shoreline erodes and then the water drops and the sands accumulate again. But there is always this small area of pebbles, and over the years I have picked a few keepers. ALong with lots of broken glass and nails and horrendous hooks. We’ve turned the corner but stil get the aoccasional shard and and metal bit. Now finding more pretty stuff, cool rocks. tell me what youthink!


I made it to a local museum, they had a whole display area devoted to Indian artifacts! Now I have names for what to call some of these bits and pieces. I am fairly certain that I have some genuine artifacts. But hard to say much more than that, how old and from which peoples etc. The usual tribes or something precolumbian? I do marvel at the diversity of rocks with embedded minerals I am finding: volcanic (a piece of light pumice or scoria embedded with shiney bits), sedimentary, igneous, and fossiliferous. Along with the usual chunks of eroded concrete from various sea walls that were erected and failed.

WIll need to organize my pics and add more soon…

Bumpnot an arrowhead but a hunk of rock with ‘scrapes’ and an indentation. For fire starting and nutcracking? lol. I’ve unburdened my photos at arrowheadology too. Rocks and minerals,but I haven’t solicited opinions there yet. (chicken, man)
Docks are out of the water, still looking for rocks, but now its raining and the water is coming back up. But the Low low lake level this summer revealed many interesting rocks and stones. Was it the founders ale and the hot sun and blood rushing to my head while bent over looking at the pretty red rocks?