Great little game site

A bunch of cute little flash games. Most of them are timed and nearly all of them are absolutely adorable. He adds a new one every few months. I’m currently addicted to Sunny Day Sky, although I still love Firedragon and Chicken Wings.

Oh God, I played “The Crossing” for about six seconds, and it was six seconds of Hell. The music, the deer, to cutesy-ness! And the gameplay was kinda “eh.” But lots of the other games are fun.

ETA: Also, I wish more of the games would let me turn off the music.

Oh God! My head asploded rainbows!

Yeah, my wife is addicted to that site. She knows a guy who knows the guy who started it, I think, and was asked to check out some new games like 3 years ago. I always like “Bouns,” but I’m not sure it’s even there anymore…

The one where the monkey catches bananas is fun - she has played one game for at least an hour before dying…


Aaaaaah! The gameplay is great but the music burns my brain!

Didn’t stop me from getting 155K on the bunny hopping bell game. So cute and evil.

I always found the gameplay just very slightly lacking. But “Pocketful of Stars” is so cute (especially the sound effect) that I can’t help go to it now and then.

I have nits with some of them because the hit detection is questionable (The Crossing is the first one that comes to mind). But they’re good for killing fifteen minutes here and there.

I found that website to be so cutesy, I had to go out and kill, gut, skin, and dress myself in the pelt of a dozen fluffy, big eyed kitties to even things out.