Great, my credit card was compromised

Just found out that someone tried to use my credit card number to spend $300 with Blizzard. Urgh.

Mine, too. $800 from some snack food place. WTF?

It’s such a drag having to deal with the aftermath, but I’m glad the cc company was on top of it right away.

Yup, me 3. $550 at Credit card company was all over it, but not fun anyway.

Mine was used on Christmas Eve for $20.01 at American t-shirts or something. Surprisingly the card company called me. Whatever store number was used was nonexistent so it flagged the transaction immediately. Account closed, and new card will be coming. 18 months ago someone bought a flat screen with my account so this is my third number in two years.

Wow - do you all do a lot of on-line credit card transactions?

We’re going on a cruise in 2 weeks and I’ve notified the cc company so if we want to buy something, we can. They’ve been good in the past about questioning unusual charges - fortunately, we were the ones making the charges, but yay for vigilance!

I do a lot of credit card transactions around Christmas. I live in a rural area, and Wal-Mart is the only store around. If I want a (small) Macy’s or Barnes & Noble I have to drive 50 miles. If I want a real mall, it’s 3 hours, so I shop online.

I shop a lot online and have never had anything compromised. For the most part, I do stick with well-known vendors such as Amazon.

The only times I’ve had unauthorized transactions: once when an employee of a medical center was taking patient credit card info, and once when I saw a charge for 50ish dollars on my corporate American Express card. The latter was an oddball thing for a card thief to purchase (some motivational videos or something), and I never had any other issues with the card, so I think it may have been mistaken data entry or something.

For those who’ve been caught, can you think of anything in particular that might have led to it being compromised? e.g. card out of your presence at a restaurant, outdated antivirus on your home PC, use it to get cash at an ATM, used at a less-known online vendor or something?

Oh - and what’s with vendors using weird unrecognizable names on when they post transactions?? I was all set to contest a charge for nearly 200 dollars at “Chesapeake Foods”… then I checked my receipts and it was legit - for a purchase at Chili’s (lunch, plus guft cards). It’s like they WANTED it to be contested.

Nothing. I only shop Amazon and large department stores. I do use PayPal, but I don’t think that’s it. The card is never out of my possession. I was on a secure wireless connection. It was the same 18 months ago. I do use it in restaurants and stores when I do shop at brick and mortar stores, so something could have happened there, I guess. It’s frustrating.

I’m wondering if someone got it from Star Wars The Old Republic. Which would make sense since they tried to spend my money with Blizzard.