Great nazz, it's His Royal Hipness, LORD Buckley!

I haven’t heard Him for decades, but he’s just as cool and almost frightening as ever. The way he puts words together…well, it’s never been done before and never will be again. I just sat and listened with my mouth open. I got the CD from Amazon, and the thing is, through their screw-up or (heaven forfend) mine, they sent me two of the exact album. it’s such a hassle to send it back to them, and don’t mention E-Bay. I don’t understand it and I don’t trust them. So I’m offering the brand new still wrapped CD to any Dopers, hopefully some where in Ca, arizona or Oregon.The price is $14.96. Let’s call it $15.00, shall we? You can find my e-mail in my profile. Oh, I don’t have Pay-Pal, but I’m open to money orders, or any legit bank paper. The album contains: 1.The Nazz 2.Gettysburg Address 3.the Hip Gan 4.Cabenza de Gasca, the Gasser 5.Jonah and the Whale. 6.Marc Antony’s Funeral Oration 7.Nero 8. People (Epilogue) That’s about it. You’ll probably have to be of a certain age to remember Lord Buckley, but you could always ask a geezer.

“I come to lay Caesar out…not to hip you to him.” Priceless.

Kinda lonely in here, ain’t it E.Thorp?
I didn’t expect a plethora of Dopers in an insane orgy of orders or even comments about Buckley, but this seems like even the crickets won’t deign to chirp. I think maybe da Nazz is pissed at me for not believing in his miracles.

They needed filler at a church talent show so I read that one. Trying to do it right, ranging from whispers to roars, scared the kiddies.