Great New Invention

What is this “Great New Invention” that I keep hearing about? I searched SDMB but didn’t find anything. I’m sure that it has come up before now. If so, direct me please!

Der Aldt


The “new invention” is a scam. It’s just a good example about how hype outweighs substance. No details of significance were given out but some so-called patent drawings showed a one wheel version of popular scooters.

You’re probably right, Padeye, but maybe not. “It” or “Ginger” or whatever they call it might not be the one-wheeled scooter shown in those patent drawings, which you yourself referred to as “so-called”. “It” was just a prototype when it was shown to investors last month; as such, it may not have been patented yet. So the “great new invention” might have nothing to do with the OWS.

I’m not trying to defend anyone here, and I won’t deny that the publicity about “It” was blatant and clumsily executed hype. The bottom line is, whatever the Great New Invention is, you won’t hear about it again for a while, and maybe not at all, if the inventors can’t put their money where their mouths are.

Update on “Ginger”–it is being unveiled on Good Morning America next week, maybe as soon as Monday. We’ll see…