Great New Resource -- Oly-hay Ible-bay

I found a great resource for linguists and theologians – the Pig Latin Bible. Based on the King James translation, this is sure the become a valuable tool in Great Debates and General Questions. Listen to the poetry:

It may even be useful in the Pit, because who can flame better than Od-gay:

Unfortunately, only two Old Testament books (Genesis and Job) and one New Testament book (Gospel of John) are available on-line at this point.

This just may convert a few of our atheist dopers. They will have to spend so much time figuring out the individual words that they won’t notice the contradictions. :rolleyes:

Why the das… sorry, make that

Hywas ethay ahesday? Eythay akemay tiay ooklay upidstay nday nuay-anguagelay.

Otnay atthay eway eallyray eedna igpay atinlay undamentalistsfay…

I just wonder what’s the secret message you’d get if you tried to decipher the Bible Code in that. :wink:

Shouldn’t they call it the Ulgatevay? Or, instead of using the KJV, they could have used the English translation the Roman Catholics preferred.
I was always one who added ‘way’ to words that start with vowels, so it sounds a little weird to me.