Great vacation and worst vacation locations

For you, personally, what is your idea of a great vacation site, and what’s the worst? And before someone decides to be too clever, please limit your answers to traditionally recognized vacation locations rather than naming a celebrity’s hot tub or an abattoir… :wink:

I choose a smaller, high-end cruise ship as my favorite - special plus if it’s a child-free cruise. I like that once I get to my cabin and unpack, I’m pretty much done till it’s time to pack up and leave. No cleaning, no cooking, no pressure - I can choose from a variety of activities and entertainments, or just chill. I can visit a variety of places within a relatively short time - a touring sampler of sorts.

As for worst, Disney parks. In general, I dislike theme parks, beach resorts, or anything involving a lot of driving. Beaches and mountains are OK for a day or two, then I’m done. but once my daughter was old enough to go on her own, I had absolutely no interest in theme parks.

My “secret” spot nearby is Lewes, Delaware. It’s the next town north from the more well known Rehoboth Beach. It’s “The first town in the first state” according to their own PR, and way less crowded than Rehoboth or Ocean City. The town is very cute and much more adult-oriented than for teens and young adults. I don’t even like the beach, but I love going here.

Worst, probably theme parks in general; I hate huge crowds, they make me stabby. No way I’m getting on a cruise ship, either; it’s basically the same thing except you can’t leave (I know that’s not absolutely literally true, but that’s how I would feel on one).

Great vacation: a Caribbean beach laying under an umbrella drinking beer.

Worst vacation: anything other than the above mentioned beach.

I’ve passed up vacations in Germany, Turkey, the UK, France, and Iceland because they’d take time away from my Great Vacation.

I like new (to me) places, especially small towns with an historic and/or outdoor feel, were you can walk around to most attractions. Even some big cities like NYC and Chicago work pretty well. Active trips by bicycle or on foot are also great for me.

OTOH, I loathe anything Disney especially, but theme parks in general I do not consider vacation-worthy. Yet, I know people whose ONLY vacations are at Disney. SMH. I have not done a cruise, but that ranks just a notch above theme parks for me.

I can’t narrow down my ideal vacation spots, honestly.

My worst vacation spots are, basically, camping. I just hate that as a vacation. Getting outdoors is great and I’ll tolerate some camping if it’s pretty luxurious, but actually roughing it is, to me, the dumbest vacation idea ever.

I served in the Army, so maybe that’s why I see roughing it in a tent as work, not play.

I am fascinated by the hatred for Disney. Taking my daughter to Disney World was one of the best vacations on my life. I can understand not enjoying amusement parks in general, but why single out Disney? They operate superior amusement parks.

I’ll admit it. My favorite vacation is a Disney/Universal split. Being in Disney World makes me feel like a kid again. I had several visits as a child and our last 3 visits as an adult with my own child. We managed to work the system and follow tips and tricks so that our wait on rides was never more than 20 minutes waiting in line. Our last visit we stayed at on property resorts for Disney World and Universal and I loved the fact that once we were there we had everything we needed.

A close runner up is Maui. We spend the time decompressing on the beach and generally hanging around the Kihei area. It’s a much more relaxing vacation but the travel time from New Brunswick is prohibitive.

Worst vacation is a road trip. I used to enjoy driving around a province and exploring but now having to get up, repack, check out, drive, check in, etc is just too much.

To me, Disney represents long lines, high cost, crappy food, crowds, more long lines, and them reaching into my wallet for every little thing. I guess I can understand that Disney presents a safe and sanitized fake world, and that’s what some want. Not for me.

Key West is great. Makes it better if you have a quiet hotel to relax at in-between the craziness that is Key West. It’s weird, the closest town to us is a tourist town. Ya think we’d be sick of it (which we kind of are) but we are used to it. Outrageous prices and clueless people are sort of the norm. It’s nice to be the tourist for a change.

Amusement parks are… interesting. My Wife loves them, and I have had plenty of fun at them. But I absolutely despise standing in line. Besides it just grinding on my patience, my back can’t take just standing for a long period.

Best: Multi-location tours, whether self-guided (usually) or as part of an organised tour (occasionally). I like seeing a lot and having a lot of variety. Especially good if I’m visiting a country, or group of countries I’ve not been to before.

Worst: Visiting relatives. I mean it’s nice seeing the relatives and catching up. But, pretty much for me that’s done in a couple of hours. After that, we’re just sitting around their place, which isn’t anymore interesting than sitting around mine.

Yes, I like these too. I’ve been to both Lewes and Rehoboth Beach (as DCnDC mentioned upthread), and they fit this bill. We also like Asheville, NC and have been there several times as that’s only a few hours away from where we live. A larger walkable city we hope to visit soon is Montreal, and I’d like to go to Charleston, SC again (this time NOT in August! We were there for the last eclipse and while we definitely had fun, late fall or early spring would be much better times to visit).

Count me as another person who really dislikes theme parks. I have no desire to ever visit one again. I will also never visit the Las Vegas strip. No appeal to me whatsoever.

I think I found both on the same trip about five years ago. Mexico City is one the most vibrant and interesting cities I’ve ever visited with a history that goes back further than any other city in the Western Hemisphere, museums in abundance, fantastic food, and (the best kept secret in town) the dozens of Diego Rivera murals in the Ministry of Education building.

I spent a too short week and a half there and then flew to the Yucatán coast (Cancun and Tulum) and had to endure intolerable humidity, biting insects, and the grossest, rudest, and drunkest tourists on Earth for three days.

Best vacation ever was 17 days in New Zealand. 4 days on the North Island visiting sites around Auckland. Spent the rest of the time on the South Island, 8 days driving on the wrong side of the road and enjoying every moment. A day at one of the most remote places on earth. Watching the biggest harness racing event in the Southern Hemisphere. My wife and I are already working on our next trip for 2024, only we are going to stay for 37 days. See a lot more of the North Island, and visit the places we didn’t see on the South.

My worst has been mentioned already, tent camping. If I do any camping, it’s going to be in my 29 foot travel trailer. It even has satellite TV.

For nature vacations I like national parks, most recent being Yellowstone. Much to see and experience. For cities I really enjoy large one with much ti experiance like New York, London and Tokyo.

I don’t care for places where drinking and gambling are the big attractions. Been to Vegas but mostly went to shows, minimal drinks were had and only one black Jack game. Not going back unless it is for a convention like CES.

I’ve never been on a cruise but I’d imagine it would rank among the worst because the activities I’ve heard about don’t seem like they would be much fun, and I also don’t like being in close proximity to so many people without an option to strike out on my own. Given enough alcohol, anything could be tolerable, but after 2 days of drinking enough to dull the boredom, I’m drinked out. That said, if I ever take a tour of Mediterranean cities I wouldn’t mind taking a cruise to do so as it would make transportation easier.

The worst vacation location that I still partake of is camping. The best locations have also been camping. It depends on the view and how loud the other campers are. I don’t do hike-in camping because I can’t carry enough gear to make myself comfortable at night, and primitive locations that you can just park in and camp on the side of the road away from other people are not reservable so who knows if you will be able to find one that isn’t already taken by an RV or van.

Best: Pretty much anywhere in Mediterranean Europe, which has basically ALL the stuff I like – good places to swim and hike, lots and lots of history and art, amazing food and wine. Probably Spain or Greece if I have to pick a country.

Worst: Dunno; maybe a casino or a Disney cruise, but this is entirely theoretical, since I haven’t actually experienced either and I guess there’s a small chance I would enjoy them more than I think. Or, if it doesn’t have to be a specific location, a road trip with me as the driver. (I do not not not like driving.)

Ideal: tiny tastefully appointed mountain resort consisting of separate cabins, with a stable where I can stow my horse, and endless gorgeous trails to ride. Gourmet room service.

A hell vacation would be in a Las Vegas casino with a motorcycle convention.

Add Bike Week in Sturgis to my list. Spousal unit wants to go and I’m so thankful that, at least at the moment, plague and his general health won’t permit it. He loves motorcycles and I hate them sooooo much.

Having used most of my vacations to visit people over places, I’m mining this thread for ideas. I share some preferences with @DCnDC, @snowthx, @romansperson and now have Lewes and Charleston in my list.

We have to exclude heat and exertion so that limits our options.

I take from the OP we’re talking location types, rather than specific locations.

Worst is really any sort of fun factory - I hate it when someone is (literally or otherwise) telling me to have fun. Amusement parks, party locations, beach holidays and so on.

The best ones have generally been somewhere new - somewhere I’ve never been before. As an example of that - Iceland. Unlike anywhere else I have ever been.


Hell vacation for me recently was going to Las Vegas during Fourth of July weekend this year.

Basically everyone who didn’t go on vacation for the past two years also went on vacation that day. The Strip Casinos were completely packed, they had to limit capacity at the pool almost immediately, and it took me an hour and a half to check in even with quick check in. Also all restaurants no matter how big or small had a long line.