"Great Wolf Lodge": Anyone Been There, Done That?

I don’t think “really good,” “authentic Mexican food,” and “Casa Bonita” belong anywhere together in the same sentence.

(I know you’re referring to the style in which the food is created and served used at Casa Bonita, and not the food at CB itself, but man, Casa Bonita is awful. We went to the one in Denver a few years ago because we all remembered going there as kids and wanted to go relive the memories. Oof. You really can’t go back again.)

I haven’t been to the Great Wolf in Wisconsin Dells, but my sister and mom have. My nieces loved it, and my sister said they all had a good time (likely because the girls enjoyed it so much). I believe they met some of her husband’s relatives there, or something. I have been to the waterpark/hotel at the Mall of America, and it is pretty fun. Lots of kids, but still fun enough, especially for families. (We were there for my oldest niece’s birthday.) Tickets should be included. It’s worth going.

Oh! My nieces are 7 and 5. They loved it. They can’t go on some of the bigger slides and they’re not that strong of swimmers (so some of the other features are off-limits too), but they still love it. Little kids and water, you can’t go wrong.

Casa Bonita is a real restaurant? I had no idea. My usage was actually a Cartman Southpark reference. I just thought it was appropriate considering the way it is combined with the waterpark and Cartman’s enthusiasm for the place. There are actually several mexican retaurants in Sandusky, none of them Casa Bonitas. The one closest to the Great Wolf in Sandusky is actually owned and operated by a Mexican family and it was good simple food… nothing kitschy.

Oh, hells yeah. There is (or used to be, I’ve no idea if it’s still there) a Casa Bonita in Denver, one in Tulsa, and perhaps others scattered about the nation. Hmm…hold on a minute, I’ll google. Huh. Wikipedia says only one is left. Anyway: wikipedia on Casa Bonita.

I know I’m continually surprised by how much stuff I see on South Park actually exists.

The one in Denver looks *exactly *as depicted in South Park. And the food is terrible. But it is an experience.


I meant that as a little southpark joke and reference, what with kids and waterparks, and “special times”. What kid wouldn’t be thrilled with the “Casa Bonita” experience- a day at Great Wolf with the promise of Mexican food across the street for supper. Kids love Mexican food and adults love margaritas.

We spent last night at the Great Wolf Lodge in WA. Depends on what you want. After 5 months of rain and a few more months to go, it was kind of nice to go there. the kids loved it. A late afternoon session in the water park part, after dinner session, and another session this morning left the kids exhausted, wanting a little more, but ready to leave.

It’s pretty middle america with a starbucks, pizza hut express, restaurants that are heavy on french fries, etc. They do play the parent angle with being pretty booze friendly. Kids get a bit of a hard sell on doing the extras. If you’re there for just one night, then it’s pretty easy to avoid the arcades and other crap. If you’re there for more than a night, then I’d be getting a bit stir crazy the afternoon of day 2.

If it was me, I wouldn’t spend a few days in the summer there. Most of the appeal is because it’s an ok place to go when the weather sucks. For the summer, I’d be trying to do outdoor water parks instead.

The check in system kind of sucked too. Officially it’s 4:00pm. At 2:00 there was about an hour wait to check in, the room wasn’t ready until closer to 5:00, and you have to check in before you get the swimming pass.

Net net, it was good. I am in no hurry to go back ever again, but we probably will again next winter just because it’s something to do.

Missed one point. For anyone out there thinking about a tatoo but not sure about taking the plunge would be well served to visit the Great Wolf Lodge. Nothing like seeing a whole bunch of 10-20 year old tats faded on bodies that might or might not have looked hawt originally. Faded tramp stamps on Mommies with couple of kids. The guys with t. ribal tats and a big ol’ beer belly. Full back tatoo’s that need someone broad and in shape to pull off now inhabiting the body of the michelin man. Or the trendy tatoos of youth aged a decade or two.