Greatest Accomplishment of the 90s?

what do you think the greatest thing that we have accomplished or invented in the 90s
(worldwide or us, whatever you want…)

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You’re lookin’ at it – the SDMB, of course.

I’d expand on that, and say the World Wide Web (as opposed to the Internet which is much older than the 90’s). It’s made computers accessible to everybody. Literally.

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A few details to be sorted out yet, but…bye-bye Soviet Union.

The break through about discovering how our tissues harden with age and the discovery of a still to be tested drug which prevents or reverses it. It seems that a molecule of sugar combines with two molecules of protein and binds with flexible tissues in our bodies, which creates hardening of the arteries and so on.

The WEB, of course.

Smaller, simpler to use computers.

Probe surgery – the use of those tubes to do things like remove an appendix instead of whacking a great cut into the body to get it out.

I vote for the Internet as well.

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Nobody’s blown the world up yet.
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I think the things that will have the biggest impact on the future are the popularity of the internet and genetic research. The internet because of the breakdown of communication barriers that it will cause. Genetics because I think that the great scientific advances of the next 50 years will be made there. Once we decode our DNA, we will be able to do incredible things from there.
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The greatest achievement of the 1990s was when Bob Dole explained to me that, despite the fact that I cannot afford health insurance, an operation on my leg, or prescription medications, the health care situation in this country is just fine. Thank goodness. If he hadn’t said that I’d be really worried.

Feh! None of this is worth mentioning! 3-D virtual Porn is the future! Hand me my turkey.