greatest chain of parody

Are there any parodies of parodies? Parodies of parodies of parodies? Winner is the one with the greatest chain of direct parodies. Rule: Can be any genre - tv, music, movies, literature, etc - even cross genre (a song parody of a tv show) but the chain must be linear - it can’t be the greatest number of direct parodies; each successive parody must come from the previous one and not from the original source. Parodies should also be fairly non obscure and not merely something one did with one’s friends in high school, unless you know, it got millions of hits on youtube.

Scary Movie parodying **Scream **which parodied the slasher film genre?

There are parodies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which parodied a number of popular works from its era.

A Fate Worse Than Dragons, by John Moore, has a scene that parodies the battle of wits from The Princess Bride. The book on the whole was sorta blah, but that scene was actually quite funny. “You need reading glasses. This is a bottle of iodine.”

Christian fish logo
Darwin fish w. feet logo
Christian fish w IXOYE (or the Greek script for JChRNS) eating Darwin fish w. feet
Darwin fish with TRUTH (and feet) eating Christian fish with IXOYE
Calvin (comic, not the theologian) pissing on Darwin fish with TRUTH

Okay, I made up the one with Calvin.

OK, the first three are a definite chain, but the others are probably siblings, not descendants: The TRUTH Darwin fish eating the IChThUS fish is another parody of the original IChThUS fish, not of the IChThUS fish eating the Darwin fish.

Family Guy parodied Airplane! which parodied movies

Although a parody of disaster movies in general, Airplane! was adapted in part from the film Zero Hour!, which was licensed for the film.

Hmm… parody or homage?

The shot of the monsters emergence onto the Scare floor in Monster’s Inc. is directly derived from that shot (yes, you know the one) of the seven Mercury astronauts in the Right Stuff… but in addition, the position of the character Randall (voiced by Steve Buscemi) is the same as the position of his character Rockhound in Armageddon during the same parody / homage shot.