Greatest danger to democracy in the US

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Those guys are threats, but they’re not significant threats. The two forces that are the most threatening right now are Communism, in the form of the Chinese, Koreans, and Cubans, and nutball terrorists, such as Bin Laden and his cronies.

How are the North Koreans and Cubans a danger to democracy in the US? How is communism generally a threat? The former USSR is struggling to adapt to a non-communist system, but I don’t see a return to hardline communism and Cold War tensions there in the immediate future – they’re too busy dealing with day-to-day problems. North Korea and Cuba are simply not big enough nations to really make a difference to the US. The Chinese have the size, but seem to be (very) slowly lured in by the economic benefits of the ‘free market’. Sure, tensions over Taiwan may rise, but I still don’t see how China threatens US democracy.

“Communism” is increasingly irrelevant as a threat to capitalism; it’s a nice label, but I’ve never understood how a handful of states in this day and age with a different political system constitutes a threat.

How about this for a ‘threat’: increasing disenfranchisement with a two-party political system, manifested in declining electoral turnouts and a greater degree of anti-capitalist action. The threat in this scenario is that as more and more people drop out of the current democratic process, it is seen as increasingly lacking legitimacy (“I don’t like the system, I don’t participate in it, and I’m starting to wonder why exactly we don’t change it”).

Hmm. That post came out harsher than I wanted it to sound.

My point was, domestic issues are, in my opinion, far more likely than international politics to disrupt ‘democracy’ in operation. The greatest danger is that people stop seeing democracy as something good for them, or try to twist it to a version more acceptable for their own personal benefit (“what does the government do for me, exactly?”). I think people will fight any threat if they support their political system; if they don’t believe in it, it’s far more likely to crumble.

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The communists did it; It’s all part of a conspiracy.

I don’t see any external enemies posing a real threat to the US’s basic security (which the OP is conflating with “democracy”). Rather, I’d say the biggest threat to democracy itself is internal -too many people taking it for granted, or becoming alienated from the political process entirely.

Is this an IMHO topic yet?

The greatest threat to democracy is Ignorance. If people are stupid (and, IMOSHO, they certainly are… as a collective group, anyway), you’re going to have the country making stupid decisions, electing stupid leaders (and the fact that we had two really stupid candidates last election demonstrated that).

If only we can find somebody to fight Ignorance… hey, wait… wasn’t there this Adams guy…?

I strongly object to SPOOFE’s characterization of people.
How are people more stupid sequestered in a voting booth than they are just talking to you?
The fact that we have poor candidates to pick from indicates that the fault lies with the system that puts them forth.

And, whereas, it has been reported that several of our low-born brethren have had the horrid audacity to think for themselves in regard to this new system of government, and, dreadful thought! have wickedly begun to doubt concerning the perfection of this evangelical constitution… - “John Humble” 1787

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