Greatest Tennis Players Of All Time

There is a list here.

Just a list of opinions of course.

It does surprise me. Lleyton hewitt and Hana Mandlikova can get in there?

I’d have Lew Hoad a bit higher, but in saying that I don’t know who I would squeeze out.

Sampras at #5 and Federer at #1 is pretty indefensible. Pete had to compete with Andre Agassi during both of their primes-and usually got the better of him. Once Nadal hit his peak Federer wasn’t able to stay with him, and otherwise Federer never had a big rival during his own peak.

Nonsense. Sampras didn’t even win a career slam.

The big knock on Sampras is that he couldn’t win on clay. Didn’t even get close. I think his best was a quarter final at the French. He is, in my opinion, the best grass player of all time.

Connors should be higher. Played in a super competitive era and played for so long.

Quarter-final 3 times and Semifinal once.

Which torpedoes his being the best of all time.

And now Federer has equalled Sampras’s Wimbledon titles (and beaten the number of final appearances)

Really can’t see there is any real doubt about the number 1 position.

Nah, not for me.

I’d put it like this for the men, with women being entirely separate.

  1. Roger Federer
  2. Pete Sampras
  3. Rod Laver
  4. Raphael Nadal
  5. Andre Agassi/Novak Djokovic(tough call)
  6. Bjorn Borg
  7. Jimmy Connors
  8. John McEnroe

Not sure past this, but those are the top 8.

Looking at the list linked in the OP I noticed that Steffi is listed as German. I would’ve thought she’s be naturalized by now.

Thinking Graf should put USA down because she’s a naturalized citizen is kind of xenophobic, no? I mean, no one would expect Agassi to be listed as German even though I assume he’s a naturalized citizen of that country.

Lisa-Seles and Navratilova are listed as Yanks, and they too were born overseas.

Didn’t they play a significant part of their careers after taking up US citizenship?

Martina’s peak was post-defection.

Well, yes, but my point is that it’s a tad xenophobic, or perhaps arrogant, to assume that folks who hold dual citizenship would automatically choose to put “USA” as their home country.

This seems like a pretty solid list to me. I would definitely put Agassi over Djokovic: the latter isn’t done yet, but at the moment, 8 slams (including the career Slam) puts Agassi ahead.

I’d put Connors ahead of Agassi.

Also what about Wilander and Becker? They should be ahead of Djokovic.

Looking over who Federer beat in his finals, the list isn’t exactly impressive: Andy Roddick 3 times, along with the likes of Lleyton Hewitt, Marcos Baghdatis, and a-about-to-retire Andre Agassi (and a pre-prime Djokovic). Once Nadal showed up, Federer went 2-2 against him in non-French Open finals, 0-4 in the French. If his prime coincided with say Connors/McEnroe/Borg, he’d probably have about half the majors that he does (esp. if forced to use a wooden racket). Pete was 4-1 against Andre, by contrast

I’m playing the Devil’s Advocate more than anything else (his French title is a definite point in his favor), but if they played (prime on prime) on anything other than clay, my money would be on Pete, one of the guttiest tennis players ever.

Not really. She asked for political asylum in 1975 at age 18 and was given temporary residency. She became a US citizen in 1981. She won all of her grand slams after defecting and 15 of her 18 grand slam titles after becoming a US citizen.

Sotty, misread your post. You are correct. Read my other post as supplying evidence.

A very good post. On grass, I think Sampras beats Federer. I’d love to see Connors in his prime against Federer.