Greatest YouTube or kitten video of all time...

Even if I missed it before, this video is so good it must be shared more!

Awwwwwwwwww! :cool:

Cute, but I like this one better.

I made this one of some puppies we had last year, when my wife picked up a stray dog and she turned out to be pregnant. (The dog, not my wife.)

Awww. I watched that three times.

I loved the music, too! So very…

Goo! Wif! The puppies have reduced me to incoherent sounds of delight.

Jesus. What’s wrong with that cat?

That video absolutely melts my heart.

Gotta love them little bunnies too:

And how could I not (re?)post this?

Tape on the ears.

The best cat video on YouTube.

Oh dear God, that is the most adorable little girl in all of LittleGirlDom!

Meh. A perfectly good puppy and kitten thread ruined by a child.

I ass-u-me’d you said puppy and kitten video. I kept waiting for the cute singing baby to stop when a fuzzbutt came into shot.

Respect to the child-not-likers, but she is a pretty baby. But not as pretty as my neighbors’ baby.

There was a kitten/puppy in the video? I didn’t make it that far.

Yeah, yeah, human children are ok but they have their place. Which is not in a baby animal thread. Those things are scary and I don’t like being taken unawares by them.

Humans are animals. Babies are baby animals. I thought it was cute :slight_smile:

A very different mood, mainly because of the soundtrack, but check out the second video–Puppy vs. Ferret–on the The Daily Puppy. The ferret doesn’t show up until later in the video but man, what a seriously cute puppy.

I have no idea what that silly song is, but I can’t stop singing it to my pooch now and she wants an albino ferret to play with.

By the way, those of you who are attracted to threads like this should probably go check out

Warning: That site is probabaly not safe for diabetics.


Here’s my idea of a cute overload. Ladies and Gentlemen, my dogs:


The little one, Meisje, is now bigger than Norton, whom she is standing under in this photo.

Close but, I think this one is the winner.

The playfullness made me squee! :slight_smile:

The other videos are cute, but box kitten is my favorite.

“The tiniest 'Mew” video over at is pretty cute too.