Greek Catholic?

At a meeting today someone insisted there is a Greek Catholic church. Everyone else pretty much agrees he’s been sniffing too many magic markers in the supply closet and he’s probably thinking of the Greek Orthodox church but he insists he’s talking about a different church. Is there such a thing?

Maybe he means this one: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Many of the eastern rites of the Catholic Church use the words “Greek Catholic” to describe themselves, such as the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. A list of some other web pages can be found here. And here is an overview of the eastern rites today.

Greek Catholic churches are what are known as “uniate” churches. You can find some information about them in this thread (which covers a few other interesting topics as well.) Uniate churches generally follow practices similar to the Orthodox Church, but are in communion with the Pope, and are part of the Catholic Church.

The Greek Orthodox Church is sometimes called the Greek Orthodox Catholic Church. They Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox (as well as Russian Orthodox) Church have a lot in common, as they are related:

The Orthodox church accepts the early traditions of Christianity, including the same sacraments as the Roman Catholic church - although in the Orthodox church infants receive the Eucharist and confirmation - and the episcopate and the priesthood, understood in the light of Apostolic Succession. Married men may become priests, but bishops and monks may not marry

You can read more at the following link:

I got a lot of this before from a friend who belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Hope this helps.

It’s too simple to say “the same sacraments as the Roman Catholic church”. For example, in Orthodoxy, marriage is a full sacrament. Rome seems to waffle on this matter. Orthodoxy does NOT have “confirmation”. We do chrismate at baptism, but it is seen as part of the overall baptism, not a “confirmation” of the baptism at the “age of reason”.

I was quoting what the website said.


Wow, thanks so much for the information. We’ll have to tell our co-worker that he’s marginally less full of shit that we thought :smiley:

Waffle? I am aware that the sacramental nature of marriage was not explicitly noted before the thirteenth century, but I am aware of no back-pedalling after that time. (I am also not aware that the Eastern church explicitly declared it a sacrament (mysterion?) any earlier.) Do you have any specific references?

Demanding explicit declaration of such things doesn’t fit. Orthodoxy is not a legislative, legalistic, Western-style Church, where evertyhing has to be explicitly spelled out with all the little bitty i’s dotted and all the little bitty t’s crossed. It is the Tradition that it has always been a Mystery of the Church.

So there was no waffling?

I am not demanding anything. I noted the first explicit reference (meaning no more than the use of the word sacramentum in conjunction with marriage) occurred in the thirteenth century. Do you happen to have a citation for the first occasion where marriage was mentioned in connection with Mystery in Eastern writings?