"GREEN ACRES"-Great TV Show!

Don’t feel bad. I went to Old Navy the other day, and that commercial about painter’s pants kept playing over the PA system. Since it’s sung to the tune of Green Acres, I now have both songs stuck in my head!
If you guys are really bored, www.maggiore.net/greenacres is a really fun and well thought out website. And it has the words to the theme song so you can annoy all of your friends, too. It may even have the music, but I’m not sure.

“Release the banana, please.”

Not much new to add, just to say that I’m in the same boat. I always lumped it in with “Petticoat Junction” and “The Beverly Hillbillies,” so I never really paid much attention. I forget when I started watching them, but I was hooked pretty quickly.

That was a great, vastly underappreciated show. When you look at it now, it almost seems “postmodern.” Isn’t it shown on Nick at Nite or TV Land nowadays?

(And I was just reminded – “The Beverly Hillbililes” did have its moments, especially when they had Jethrine.)

Regarding Lisa’s “hotcakes”-wasn’t there an episode where Oliver’s car blows a head gasket, and the garage mechanic tells him he will have to wait 3 weeks for the part? Then, he realizes Lisa’a “hotcakes” make a perfect match! I guess the hotcakes were like asbestos!
I really wonder if such a great show could be made today-when you look at the whining idiocy of “FRIENDS”! I just can’t laugh at those jokes-they are so damn stupid! “GREEN ACRES” was far superior-you really have to put yourself in Eddie Albert’s shoes-and imagine you’ve been transported into some bizarre new world (“Hooterville”)-from Arnold Ziffle the pig, to the insane county agriculture agent , the characters were so deliciously bizarre!

ralph124c, see the posting from Osiris four messages above yours.

and how about that sexy Ralph Monroe? and her Brother.

Wasn’t her brother named Esther, or Ethel?

No one has mentioned Oliver’s classic “speeches” when he talked about the lure of farming and seeds sprouting out of the ground and getting your hands dirty while living out the American Dream, all the while accompanied by a building fife and drum rousing patriotic anthem.

Soon, others on the show started wondering where that music came from.

I felt Oliver’s frustration as he tried again and again to explain to Lisa how the power usage numbers of their various appliances couldn’t go over a certain limit or the fuse would blow.

I agree with RealityChuck: one of the best moments is when Oliver looks out of his Washington hotel window and sees the Eiffel Tower!

This show was a classic, the likes of which we will probably never see again.

I think Ralph’s brother was Alf.

Fred Ziffle gets my vote as best character.

This thread has me dying for reruns!


They’re also good for lighting on fire and keeping your crop from freezing to death.

What was the episode where the stove starts glowing green, and a message appears on screen:
“For those of you with Black and White TVs, the stove is glowing green”.

(Young kids today will probably wonder more what a B&W TV is than why the stove was glowing green.)

Oh, for the love of…

Oh, you miserable…

Mr. Blue Sky hit it right on - whenever someone says something, only to immediately contradict themselves, I call them “Mr. Kimball.” Well, not every time…