Green lights under escalators

"As for why they’re green, as opposed to, say, lavender, nobody at ASME could remember. But presumably it was to cut down on glare. "

Regarding the color of the light shining from underneath an escalator…I would assume that its green because apparently, green is the color most visible to the human eye and most visible from the farthest distance away. Shame I couldnt just make a quick comment on the post itself instead of making a new thread, but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

is the column.

I could totally see that smiley! :smiley:

is the column. "

uhh…Im aware of this. I even included the line which presumes why it was green. DERP

The link to the column is for the benefit of the other forum-goers. While it’d be nice to have the technology to automatically append relevant articles, that’s not the case. If a thread is highly active (as is often the case for religious and political articles) or bumped after several years then it may not be immediately obvious which article the thread refers to.

huh, I’ve never noticed green lights under escalators. Guess next time I’m at the 2 story mall I’ll have to remember to look for it.