Greensboro NC car repair recommendation: Need answer Fast!

My daughter has my car in Greensboro, NC and she appears to have a dead battery. Their other vehicle is at her husband’s office and they will have to call a cab to got get it. They have no idea who to call for servicing a dead battery in that area. She doesn’t have AAA, though they said they could sign her up today and help her out. But if it’s the starter and not the battery, they are just not familiar enough with the area to know where to get their car towed to. Any recommendations?

I don’t know what your daughter’s (or her husband’s) level of comfort is with do-it-yourself stuff, but can they take a cab to get her husband’s car, drive to your car, buy a set of jumper cables along the way, and jump your car? If it’s the battery, and not the starter (or the alternator), then they’re good to go. And at least they’ll know one way or the other.

Seems like an awfully expensive thing to do to have your car towed for nothing more than a dead battery.

AAA has been there when I needed them a* bunch* of times-- go with them first.

If it is not just the battery get it to:

Greensboro Tire and Automotive
4615 West Market St.
(336)- 294-9495

My daughter doesn’t have AAA (though guess what she is getting for Christmas!) and even though it is my car they wouldn’t use my account. We were going to have them either do a non-member emergency call or sign her up on the spot and pay $40 extra, but while we were working that out her husband got the car started and they went off to get the truck. The guy that works on the trucks at work is going to take a look at it tomorrow, but thanks for the advice on the shop! It’s hard when you don’t know a town or practically anyone there to know where a reliable place is.

Where I live, a couple of the tow companies have mobile battery service. A specially equipped truck comes, tests the battery, jumps it or replaces the battery, depending on what’s needed. (They stock the most common sizes right on the truck.)