Greenville SC bar suggestions

Need answer fast! Lol, I’m visiting Greenville SC today and want to know where’s a good place downtown to grab a couple of beers and get away from family, preferably LGBT friendly. I’m taking Uber both ways. I think I’d prefer the downtown area as I enjoyed touring that area yesterday, but feel free to suggest away. They don’t need to serve food as my family is feeding me like I’m a refugee as if they don’t have food in my hometown of Chicago!

You could try Bob Jones University.

That was a joke. Don’t go there unless you want to get bible thumped.

I haven’t been to downtown Greenville in a minute, but I heard it’s really improved and modern. You could try the college bars and restaurants around Furman University if you’re so inclined.

I can’t speak for anything specifically, but there’s lots of stuff near Falls Park, and it’s a (well, considering), a rather scenic place for a downtown.

I ended up finding the Velo Fellow, it’s kinda an English pub. Some decent beer and decent atmosphere.