Grenada Jobs

I was recently working at my restaurant and I ended up serving a couple visiting from Grenada (I live near Toronto, Canada btw). Anywho, the restaurant wasnt overly busy and I got talking to them about my frequent travels in Europe and all over the Caribbean. After some talking, they gave me their business and contact numbers if I was ever there to visit they invited me to stay with em.
My question is, what are the chances of being employed in Grenada? What sort of ID/passports/visa do you need? what are possible jobs that pay well enough to be able to live on teh beach, lol. Perhaps with a resort or something of that sort?
I figure, I have a hookup for airfare, and now a place to crash at for a bit, seems like a viable option after school if I could find someone to work at

Any ideas, suggestions, comments?

Ch-ch-ch-check it out, man…

HmMmmm…its a nice site, but I didnt really see too many, if any job opportunities