GREY APE of South Africa

A friend of mine claimed to have seen a grey ape in South Africa years ago. This was not a grey gorilla but a man like BIGFOOT type creature. He didn’t know what it was and was freaked out by it. He wasn’t alone, his wife saw it too.
Recently, he met someone from South Africa who says there is a legend about the grey ape much like our bigfoot legend. There is no info about this on the internet that I can find.
I know this is a longshot. Has anyone heard of this legend? Is there more information about this anywhere?

First I’ve heard of it - speaking as a South African.

Having said that, I’m a whitey from Cape Town, and there may well be local legends in other parts of the country that I’m unaware of. There are at least 9 official “tribal” languages, each of which would have its own mythology and legends.


I have not heard of any specific legends regarding South Africa, but I did once read that there is a Bigfoot legend on every continent in the world save the Antarctic. I dunno if that is true, but that is what I had read.

A quick Google search on “south africa bigfoot” brings up the following page. It mentions the “Waterbobbejan” - literally, “water baboon” - and Googling that term gives what looks like a better presented source which seems to suggest that the legends have been around since the 1880s at least - the bushman painting pictured is also intriguing.