Greyhound Ticket Will Call Fee?

Im going to purchase a greyhound ticket going from usa to canada. I know you can buy a ticket either online or at the station. When i bought ticket greyhound from canada to usa, i bought it online with advanced purchase one way… then i went to the greyhound bus station and got my ticket at the counter few days earlier… i showed id and credit card and that reference number. Then on day i had to take bus, i took bus by presenting the ticket.
Im buy a one way ticket into canada and looking to buy it advanced purchase. I see you can either print it out or get it at the station but unlike buying it at greyhound canada online, it seems like theres a will call fee? Im confused but why do they require a phone number as well? I dont recall seeing this when buying a ticket from canada to the usa. Note, im from the usa however.
The thing is when i purchase ticket online in canada, i know i could print my own ticket but didnt b/c no printer. Here in the usa, i dont have a printer as well so i figure i could have it printed out at the station. But is this service free like in canada? Because im confused… is htis the will call fee? So if you purchase your ticket online but print it out yourself with your printer, you don’t have to pay this fee?
Also when i bought my ticket in greyhound canada online, i was told i could get the ticket at the bus station anytime 1 hour before i leave so if i wanted to get it few days before, i can do this. I assume i can do this as well with greyhound usa? Such as bus is later this week but i go there and get it now? Im really confused with the will call and will call fee and why would they require me to put a phone number. I currently dont have a cell number.

Im confused at the line
. A non-refundable fee also applies for Will Call orders.
So no fee for printing it at home?
Seems very strange wording here.

Do they have some system for letting you know if there is a change to the timetable?