Grill with rotisserie

Anybody know of a propane bbq grill that comes with a rotisserie attachment or maybe just a grill model that one can add a rotisserie kit without having to modify it. Thanks.

Tons of propane grills come with rotisserie attachments or can one can be added. This kind from Amazon and many more similar grills will come with the rotisserie. In that price range and up almost all will come with the attachment. At lower prices the rotisserie may not be included but will be available as an option. There are universal rotisserie kits that will fit almost any grill.

Almost all grills are designed to accept a rotisserie kit these days except the very low end ones.

Check the third pic. The divot in the side with the two holes below it are for the kit.

Pretty much any universal rotisserie kit will bolt up on it.


I noticed that some kits don’t actually include the needed brackets.

Thanks…but I’ve tried two different kits including a Char Broil kit for my Char Broil grill. Both needed modifications. Anyone know a brand that actually comes with the kit for it?

My old Weber Spirit 300 used to have a rotisserie kit that was specially designed for it. I believe my current Napoleon does as well.

What kind of modifications were needed? The universal kits usually require drilling some small holes at most.

What model of Char Broil grill do you have?

I’m with TriPolar though. Char Broil is one of the better brands for attachments so any kit should be a breeze to install, especially the name brand you have. Which model do you have?

All it says it True Infrared Commercial.

How many burners? They have 2, 3 burner version of that grill. However, on their website all I see available are universal rotisserie kits.

Here’s a video showing a universal rotisserie kit that’s been installed on a Tru Infrared grill. As you can see, the most you would have to do is drill a few holes. It’s the same with almost any grill, many of them are supplied with the same universal rotisserie kit and might have the holes pre-drilled.