Grilling with Julia Child

OK, inspired by other Julia Threads AND the fact that I will finally see the movie this weekend AND it is Labor Day Weekend (when we honor the unions by grilling)…

Thoughts on a Julia Child inspired grilling / Labor Day menu?

It’s a sad commentary on our times that my first mental image was of a stern Julia wearing a white smock and turning a screaming SS officer on a spit.

I don’t know about grilling, but I do remember a moment.
It was way back when…there were two women and I, in Junior College, sitting around together one afternoon when on comes the Julia Child Show and today, “I am going to show you how to make croissants!”
We thought, “Cool - they taste good - let’s learn!”
So the three of us get out our pencils and some paper.
Let’s go Julia!

So her instructions were sort of like this:
Cool butter, slice in thin slabs, mix with flour, roll with pin several minutes until totally flat.
Then put mixture in ball and refrigerated for two hours.
Remove, then roll out thin, and then refrigerated for two hours again.
Then go get the dough, bring it out, roll it thin again and then refrigerated for two hours.
(By now, our pencils were no longer scribbling, as we had calculated about 6 hours.)
Then, remove dough, roll out thing, fold them like this (she demonstrated) and pop them in the oven.
And then in Julia’s perfectly high-pitched trill of thrill, she exclaims, “Voila! Six lovely croissants! Surprise your family for breakfast!”

We laughed and laughed…right…surprise your family; all you have to do is start making them at about 2:00 AM and you will get 6 scrawny croissants after about six hours work. As one of my friends said, “Hell, by then I would be so hungry I would eat all six of them in about three minutes.”

Let us know how your BBQ goes!