Grimoires and authors

I have long been a fan and curious collector of old occult books. Recently, thanks to Trident books, I have been able to obtain copies of the three dreaded grimoires. But as far as their authors and information on their original publishings, I have come up with nothing. Please, any info on these three books (Constitution of Honorus, Grand Grimoire, Grimoirium Verum) and their authors (who the hell was Albeck the Egyptian?) would be greatly appreciated

Hmm. . This site has some information on them. hadn’t heard of these, but they seem to be compendia of 16th-17th C astrology texts, kabbalah, and early science/natural philosophy/ anti-heretical things, probably hyped up by 19th c occultists. Should be very interesting stuff. Looks like all three are versions of the Clavicula Solomonis.
They have Pico della Mirandola as occult? Anasthasius Kircher? Um. . . I guess I’ve been studying the period for too long and “occult” now looks like "philosophy’ and “science” to me.

I humbly suggest that time spent with that site is time wasted, judging by the author’s credulous essay on a supposed translation of the fictional Necronomicon. I would never brand someone a charlatan or fraud who might simply be a fool, delusional, or both, but I would say that Mr. Peterson seems to me an information source of dubious authority.