Grinding Sound On Hard Left: 2007 Hyundai Elantra. Serious?

Okay, just got a call from the wife.
At speeds of 20+, when doing a relatively hard left turn, the wife says she hears a “grinding” sound.
This is my first car with pure electrical power steering.

The little ‘shroud’ beneath my oil filter is not currently on due to a stripped bolt.
I drove between two large stack of leaves recently due to my town’s odd way of handling leaf clean-up.

My first thoughts are a faulty wheel bearing or worn brake pads, though I would expect pads to also make noise when braking.

Might be the CV joint.


Might be a twig or something stuck there from the leaf pile.

Thanks for that.
Wheel bearing could mean “wheel falls off” although it normally means “car gets loud as hell”.
I suppose wheel bearings would be covered by a normal warranty?
I know brake pads wouldn’t be.

Ran it through an empty parking lot last night.
It happens only at 3/4 of the steering wheel’s left-turn rotation, and only when the vehicle is in motion. Less than 3/4 left, no sound. More than 3/4 left, no sound.
Happens both going forward and backwards.
Sounds like dragging a piece of wood across leaves or ground.

I’d look for any sign that the tire is touching something when the wheel is turned at that angle. None of the other items mentioned would typically make noise only at one spot like that.

As always, Gary, thanks for your input.